Many people are choosing clothing items,

Often pay more attention to the color of the single item and the choice of tailoring

It is easy to ignore the material of clothing, and it also has a great impact on temperament.

So choose a clothing material that suits you,


This is also a way to improve temperament, so in the fashion industry, the temperament of different clothing materials is also different.

Take the satin material, for example,


The satin material is a high -grade material,

It is relatively suitable for female friends who have a high -level temperament with a certain social status.

Learn from the satin selection of female stars

★ Zhou Bichang’s satin clothing

The satin shape is not very common in daily life, because the satin is relatively advanced,

So it is often only suitable for some important occasions or major events.

So satin clothing is not very suitable for the public to learn and match by themselves.

Still need to learn from the satin matching skills of some female stars,

In order to integrate the senior shape of female stars into daily life.

Female star Zhou Bichang often wears some satin materials

Because the satin material is very soft, it is also very comfortable to wear, so it is a very popular clothing item and has a certain sense of gloss.

Zhou Bichang has always given a sense of handsomeness,

Although his age is slowly growing, the femininity becomes stronger and stronger, but satin’s clothing can be said to be one of his favorite.

Saton clothing,

No matter what style of women go, you can try it,


Although the material of satin is not very versatile, there are still many women suitable for satin.

Don’t look at Zhou Bichang’s face, the dark purple shirt can still be controlled, and the aura is full of refreshing. Therefore, Zhou Bichang is quite retro, and the shape of a “nightclub style” is also high -level, which is really aura.

Zhou Bichang’s satin clothing selection

★ satin shirt

Instead of choosing some satin clothing with too strong fashion, it is better to return to Park Guizhen,

Use the most common and simple clothing styling to combine with satin

To form a new type of fashion.

For example, combine the shirt and satin,

This combination not only combines the intellectual charm of the shirt, but also brings a high -level sense of satin material.

The combination of these two forms a different kind of femininity.

The luster of the side shirt is very strong,

So it is not recommended to choose a light -colored satin shirt,

Because the light color itself has a certain gloss. You can try to match yourself with dark purple satin clothing.

Dark purple satin shirt,

Although it has a gloss, this color is very white

It can form a strong color contrast with the skin color, so that the skin tone looks fair and bright.

Dark purple satin shirt, suitable for matching with black trousers,


Why choose black trousers instead of white trousers? On the one hand, it is because black trousers are more resistant to dirty and very temperament.

Second, because black trousers can also make women’s temperament more aura

It is more consistent with the temperament and charm displayed by the shirt itself, so this combination will also make women more fashionable.

For the choice of satin shirts, in addition to dark purple, you can also choose some satin shirts of other colors,

For example, dark blue satin shirt is a good choice.


The dark blue satin shirt compared to the mature and charming of the dark purple,

Will look more refreshing

It is recommended that you use the same set of matching to enhance your charm.


If you choose the color of the upper and lower packets, the style is consistent,

This will make the image of women cleaner,

It is also a very simple shape, which is suitable for matching with the collarbone chain.

Other satin material clothing

★ satin strap pants

In the usual life,

I believe everyone’s most common strap pants are still denim strap pants

In the fashion industry, there are more than one person wearing denim back pants, so denim strap pants can be said to have been rotten.

Want to create a different momentum,

Then the satin material back pants can solve this problem well

Essence Although strap pants are more common, satin strap pants are also suitable for those important occasions.

Square satin strap pants are recommended to choose dark color models,

Because many people like to wear white T -shirts or turtlenecks, satin strap pants choose dark colors, such as dark blue, which can make women’s temperament more clean.

★ Polka dot dress

The wave dot dress itself will give people a retro and elegant feeling,

If the satin wave dot dress is used,

It will make the image of women more advanced.

It is recommended to choose a white wave dot dress,

Use white as a background to add black wave dot design on it

This black and white tone will make the temperament more simple.

But if you want to make the shape a little playful,


You can add some small and exquisite floral patterns to the white wave dot dress,


Such a design can also create a more sweet feeling.

The satin material is really very common in summer. This soft and comfortable fabric believes that it can become the love of most people. Although satin clothing is more common than usual in important occasions, but life is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual, but it is more common than usual. As long as everyone learn to match satin, they can use satin to enhance their charm.

What else do you have to match your friends? Welcome to comment.