Almost all businesses are saying that magnetic data cables are good products, let everyone buy and buy. The buyer saw the magnetic data cable on the Internet, and it felt novel and convenient. I want to buy one but I do n’t know if it ’s easy to use, so let’ s share the experience of using the experience to see if the data cable that can be replaced with the connection can be purchased, and it provides a reference for everyone’s rational consumption.

The magnetic data cable on the Internet is similar. In order to facilitate the principles of Android and iOS, they generally buy Sanhe and one connector, and one goes to the world.

Drag three to kill

Magnetic charging cables are similar, all of which have the characteristics of power -powered lighting, woven wires, stretching, and powerful magnetic suction. As for the supporting data transmission and large current fast charging, it is unknown. Pay attention when buying. I personally think that the main difference in the end of the magnetic head is divided into two types: round head and flat head.

Power -powered lighting indicator

At the end of the replaceable magnetic suction, the blue LED lights are also used as the indicator light. As long as the wire is connected to the power supply, whether it is charging LED, it will often be on, which looks quite technological. The difference is that the round line is a loop strip with light, and the flat line has only one vertical strip and only one side.


Nylon woven wire

The outer skin of the two wires uses black nylon to prepare wire wrap to ensure the pull -up strength of the wire, and it is not easy to wrap the knot.

experience feelings

A data cable is plugged in and it seems that there is nothing to say. There are still many advantages to think about it.

Reduce the burden for the bag! No longer need to prepare a variety of different charging wires for a variety of devices, on business trips, travel with good travel, blind exercise without pressure! The charging plug no longer needs to be divided into positive. As soon as it approaches, it will be adsorbed, and it will be filled! And if you buy the round line, it also supports 360 ° rotation and continuous electricity, which is more suitable for vehicle use. Charging and data are wrong! It is a charging cable and a data cable. The maximum speed can be stable at about 15MB. You can also be used as a dust -proof! The magnetic suction head can be inserted on the mobile phone interface for a long time to avoid poor contact with dust and dandruff into the fuselage charging port. The round line can achieve 360 ​​° rotation and not disturb, and the flat line cannot rotate, but because of the flat design, the width of the magnetic head is shorter than the round wire, and the flat line is more suitable for ultra -thin body.

The magnetic data cable also has its shortcomings:

First, trouble

Now most of the mobile phones do not have headphone jacks. If you charge the magnetic data cable, you will not use the headset. At this time, some fans may say, you pull it down, such a small magnetic plug pulls it down and insert it. After watching the small movie, can you still think about inserting it back? The probability is very high!


Second, poor contact


It is sent to it a little bit. Although it is still connected, the charging has been disconnected. There are magnetic forces on both sides of the magnetic line, and they usually adsorb a lot of metal debris dust. The middle impurities are too much.



, Apple’s charging head does not have MFI certification. MFI is the abbreviation of Made for iPhone. It is Apple’s certification standard.

Fourth, the charging speed is slow

The line I bought can only be charged at the speed of five volts. Now most mobile phones support fast charging. Apple can be 18W, and Android can be 50W and 60W. That is to say It can be fully fulfilled, and it may get 3 to 4 hours, which is too backward.


In summary, the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic data cables are obvious. If you want to verify, buy one and try, there are a few more than a dozen pieces. I hope everyone can know the goods and buy the product,