Fresh and simple wear, as long as it is decent, can also bring an eye -catching effect and charming charm. Old actor Wang Yuan is a typical representative of simple wear. Wang Yuan, born in 1984, performed a lot of classic characters. At the same time, her dress was very simple. A net gauze white skirt looked “dreamlike” and elegant and charming.


#What to wear today#

Look1: Fresh pure white wear

There is a classic saying in the concept of wearing: “Fewer is more.” Fashion is not a superposition of various fashionable elements. On the contrary, some fashion is subtracted to wear. Wang Yuan can wear a solid color net gauze skirt, without excess color, but shows an elegant temperament. The simple match shows good charm, very fresh ~

The stack of mesh hood and suspender skirt enriches the sense of visual hierarchy. At the same time, the hazy beauty brought by the mesh gauze makes this pure color dress more charming and feminine; , A sense of temperament. For solid color clothing, simple hairstyles are a good choice.

Wang Yuanke, who puts on pure white, with a refreshing hair, giving people an intellectual and capable charm. The smooth visual effect brought by solid color is difficult to replace by other clothing. In order to highlight the figure line, Wang Yuan chose the same color belt, which has a high degree of fit and obvious self -cultivation effect.

Wearing only one color dressing, the simple beauty brings is very strong. Wang Yuan, who is wearing a pure white dress, chooses the same color high -heeled shoes, which looks very slender. This kind of dress is a significant choice for young girls ~


Look2: Simple solid color matching

In addition to other white solid colors, the visual aesthetics brings are also very strong. Wearing a pure blue skirt with a shoulder -shoulder, with her elegant long hair, she is charming and feminine in fresh and simple. Going to the banquet like this, I believe I don’t worry about not watching it ~

The slender skirt is not a patent for tall girls. For a petite girl, choosing such a long skirt pure color skirt can definitely wear a beautiful beauty. Of course, if you like to wear a variety of colors, you can match the contrasting belt. While slim your body, add color to the color and create a harmonious visual effect.


Wearing a dark blue skirt, a white belt, the collision of two opposite colors, the visual impact is very strong. Wang Yuanke’s wearing it perfectly interpreted the charm of simple and eye -catching, giving people a generous beauty.


This simple -style solid color skirt is very tolerant. Whether it is tall or petite, such skirts are very friendly. If it is autumn and winter, the lower installation can be warm leggings and Martin boots, which are both warm and stylish.

The eye -catching effect of pure red clothing is impeccable. “Red and Black Combination” is a very classic pairing. It is recommended that girls who wear red outfit. First of all, the hairstyle considers is black shawl show. Two colors collide, easily create a stylish charm.


Wang Yuanke has a very fashionable element and match. Pure red suit with black ankle high heels, classic atmosphere. Gorgeous and simple jewelry played a good embellishment effect, which greatly enhanced elegance. Pure color installation requires jewelry embellishment. At the same time, when choosing a solid color, it is recommended to wear no more than three accessories.

Look3: Fashionable striped dressing

Striped outfits are not necessarily fancy. Wang Yuanke with a bright color, although there are a lot of colors in wearing, are not fancy. The rules are eye -catching and simple, full of fashion.


Wang Yuanke is also the hands of fashion designers. The eye -catching and simple print, coupled with simple jewelry, brings a bright temperament beauty.


#How to wear a feminine#


Wang Yuanke’s dressing is very temperamental, without the simple match of fancy colors, expressing the fashion concept of “less is more”, eye -catching atmosphere is grounded. The favorite younger sister can try these dressing ~

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