The sheets are bed supplies that every family can use. The quality of the sheets fabric will affect the quality of sleep. The choice of sheets fabrics is very simple, but there are many skills in it. First, we must first distinguish the fabrics of the sheets, and the sheets are the most comfortable. Let ’s share the classification of the fabrics of the sheets and what skills do you have when choosing the sheets.

◆ Flawed sheets

The fabric is called flat -grained fabrics with a flat -grained tissue (meridian and weft yarn). Fabric characteristics: There are many intertwined points, the texture is firm, stretched, and the surface is flat. The appearance effect of the front and back sides is the same. The number of packets of the flat bed is about 30, the density is slightly lower, and the sheets are prone to defects such as jumping yarn, and the price is relatively low.

◆ Littaus sheets

During the weaving of the sheets, the flower case is formulated with the latitude and weft tissue (the pattern on the fabric is woven, not ordinary printing, nor embroidered.), The gauze is fine, its needle line density is high, it does not deform, does not fade, does not fade, comforts, comfortable sense it is good. At present, the flowers are very popular in the market. Gong satin sheets have rich fabrics, not monotonous, and have a strong three -dimensional sense of flower type.

◆ Crowded sheets

The meridian and weir yarn are intertwined at least two gauze once, using the addition of latitude and weft intertwined points to change the structure of the fabric tissue, which is collectively referred to as the oblique fabric. Features of bedson fabric: There is a front and back, and a complete tissue cycle has less interweaving points, long floating lines, soft hand feel, high density of the sheets, thicker, and strong three -dimensional sense. There are 30, 40, and 60 branches.

◆ Gong satin sheet sheet

The yarn and weir veil are intertwined at least three gauze once, so the satin tissue makes the fabric density higher, so the sheets are thicker. Satonal sheets cost higher than similar flat -line and diagonal sheets. The cloth surface is smooth and delicate.


Cotton sheets are the most comfortable and breathable, so most families choose cotton sheets when choosing sheets. Cotton sheets are the most economical.

Single cloth fabric selection tips:

So how should consumers look at these three sheets? In fact, the easiest way is to touch it by hand. The cotton sheets are not as slippery as polyester. Therefore, according to whether the sheets are slipped, you can judge that the fabric texture of the sheets cloth.