Dance Latin dance, dance shoes are very important,

Some people think that wearing ordinary high heels or flat dance shoes can also jump,

In fact, this is wrong.

For Latin dancers, dance shoes are the cohesion of the dance soul.

Choose a pair of suitable dance shoes to start from the following aspects:

The size of the shoes, the height of the heel, the thickness of the heel, the angle of the heel, etc.



Shoe size

Wrong view


Many people choose dance shoes,

You will choose a pair of loose tightness and appropriateness,

A comfortable dance shoes on your feet,

I usually buy the number of yards wearing when shopping.

This is very wrong

Reason 1: Professional Latin dance shoes belong to soft shoes,

In the process of dancing, we need to be a footback (back to the instep),

When the back of the feet, the feet will shrink in,

So I feel that the shoes will become larger.

On the contrary, pick a small one -size shoe,

You feel comfortable when you collapse.

Reason two: Everyone’s foot type is different,

Dance shoes need to be very heel

(This is a talk, which means that when dancing, the heel feet need to be cooperated with a whole).


So we need to buy a small yard

(Some girls will even be small 2-4 yards)

Shoes, I will feel a little uncomfortable when I start to wear it.

But when I was worn for the third time,

The shoes will be bigger, just close.

The correct way to choose shoes:

Don’t buy hard bottom shoes,

You must buy soft -bottomed shoes that can collapse;


When buying shoes, you must pick dance shoes more than one yard than usual when shopping;

When wearing on your feet,

Toes must be exceeded to the toe (convenient to hold the floor with the toe).


The height, thickness, thickness of the heel

When many beginners choose dance shoes,

You will choose a pair of short heels, thick heels,


Because that kind of shoes can stand very stable,

It is not easy to pain, so,

That is the choice of many people, which is also wrong!

Reason 1: Because Latin dances need to focus on the feet when moving,

Move back and forth in the middle and back of the feet,

Especially when you move forward,

You need to put your focus completely on the heel,

Then move people forward at the fastest speed.

Girls’ calves are not as good as boys,

So girls should choose a pair of 2-inch and a half-3-inch shoes,

This will be much easier to move forward,

It is also very laborious.

Reason two: 2-inch and a half-3-inch shoes can make girls stand completely on the broken palm,

This is very helpful for the vertical vertical of Latin dance.

Reason three: Latin dance requires dancers to focus more on the inside,

If you choose a pair of thick heels and short heels,

Even if you stand the wrong focus,

You can also stand firmly,

Over time,

Your center is definitely wrong.


The angle of the heel

The easiest to ignore:

The angle of the heel is a problem that many people will not care about,

This is a very important choice! When the heel is not worn,

It is tilted instead of vertical,

When a person stepped on, the heel will move vertical,

If you are not worn, it will be vertical,

After stepping it on, the heel will go backwards,

The heel is unstable.


Three places to pay attention to

Note 1: The standard Latin dance shoes should be made from leather or higher -level materials.

Including the soles of the feet and the heels should be all made of leather.

Anyone with a glue or a leather or more advanced materials is added,

Not all standard Latin dance shoes.

Standard Latin dance shoes should be soft fabric,


Exquisite workmanship, you can bend at will!

Note 2: Latin dance shoes are used in dancing,

Of course you can wear it,

And wearing it is better than normal

high heels

More comfortable.

But Latin dance shoes require shoe help must be tied,

To fix the shoes and feet.

And children’s dance shoes generally have help,

This can help children’s feet will not be motionless,

There are also problems that help children or adults.

Note 3: Latin dance heels have strict requirements,

Not ordinary high heels can be replaced.

mainly divided:

Child: 3.5cm or below (usually rough heel, prevent children from falling)

Elderly: 3.5cm or more (usually rough heel, prevent the elderly from falling)

Men’s: 3.5cm or 4cm

Women: 3.5cm, 5cm ~ 5.5cm, 7cm, 8cm, 9cm

(Optionable type, generally thick heel or wine glass heel)

Therefore, in the choice, you can’t choose random, let alone use ordinary high heels instead



The color of Latin dance shoes is also particular,

Many people don’t understand how the color of Latin dance shoes is popular now,

The trend of color changes is changed due to the color of black oil used in the skin.

Players should apply black oil during the Latin dance competition (also called palm oil),

Makes the skin look very healthy and dark,

So if you are the player who participated in the competition,

When you choose the color, you must pay attention to the color oil color you apply,

Only the matching color will make the leg lines look more slender.

Black shoes can only be equipped with black clothing or darker clothing,

And wear black net socks together.

Wrong view