Speaking of a cressker, everyone should have a unique emotion, because it is a accessories that make many people love and hate

And in the fashion industry, hats have always been an important role of players


The hat has also been with hairstyle and hairstyle

Social atmosphere is closely related. It is a very elegant and beautiful style. It brings a hats to bring a sense of nobleness, and it will also have a good temperament.

These are the effects of correctly matching the cap


But it is not easy to match the hat hat, so many people will


Because it is not easy to match this matter, it is “discouraged” for the hat, but don’t worry, because Xiaobian is here to share with you how to choose the hat correctly,


Let’s take a look with Xiaobian next

1. The story of the hat hat

The hat hat is a century -old history. It existed abroad a long time ago.


At that time, it could not only protect the head, but also symbolized many meanings. In the seventeenth century,


Hats slowly have obvious class meanings

And the height on the top of the head,

At the beginning, there were extremely exaggerated worship, but since 1840, the scenery of people’s heads is dramatic, and the size of the hat suddenly begins to be more modest than humility.

Later, with the slow development of the times, the hat not only started to popularize, but also gradually diversified materials and styles.


, Gradually becoming a must -have item for hands

Second, the show’s show

Over time, the original ceremony of the hat has gradually weakened,

However, in the fashion industry, it has always played an important role. The suitable hat will definitely be the extra points for us to wear

Everyone in various shows should see that the models are generally indispensable when the model is a cat hat.

Whether it is exaggerated to ordinary people, it is still very ordinary. Designers can make a good match for them.


It makes people look much western

3. How to choose the right hat hat

(1) Select according to the face shape:


There are many types of hats. Choosing a hat hat is not just based on the overall dressing and love.

There is also an important point that is based on your face shape, different face shapes with different hats

For example:


The girl with a round face can choose a peaked hat or a large brim hat. The edge of the selected hat is preferably polygonal, square and other large edges.


A sharp -faced girl is better to choose,

For example, the peaked cap looks like it will only make the girl with a sharp face look thinner, and you can also choose the top hat


But the depth of the hat type should be moderate,

It is guaranteed to expose the face shape of about one -third of the face; there is a girl with a face shape of the Chinese character. The girl with a national character face is relatively lucky.

In this way, they can choose according to their preferences

(2) The material selection of the hat hat:

1. Mao Woo Woors

The main component of the woolen fabric is wool, so the hairy hat is very comfortable to wear.

It is also very tough and wear -resistant, and elastic, anti -wrinkle, and strong warmth.


So it is suitable

It is worn in autumn and winter seasons. Of course, the advantages of the woolen hats will also have disadvantages. For example, because it is made of wool


, So it is a bit difficult to wash


But in the autumn and winter seasons with plush coats, it is better,


You can choose the coat of the coat, or you can choose to decorate according to the color of the coat, or you can also choose to wear a coat hat.


2. Weaving hat


The weaving hat is generally made of handmade, and there are many types of weaving materials, so there are more students who choose to knit the cap.


And because weaving hats are very easy to learn


So many girls will knit their hats by themselves,


Give it to your important person, and weaving it yourself is not only cost -effective, but also has his own mind.

After all, the courtesy is heavy, and the small knitted hat is covered with love

(3) The hats of the hat hat style selection:

1. wide eaves cucklet


The choice of the hats of the hat is generally based on the face shape,

For example, the girl with round faces is very suitable for the large version of the hats, such as fisherman hat, etc., the brim of these hats will form a naturally drooping arc


, Will hide the face under the brim of the hat



In contrast, it will not look big. It can not only set off the face more petite, but also a wide -eave hat hat can play a role in blocking ultraviolet rays

, So the wide -eave hat hat is a good choice

2. Short eaves cork

The hats with short hats are more suitable for people with small faces. Because the brim is very small or even, there is no way to cover the face

If the girl with a round face is relatively round, the face will be rounded with this hat

The same truth,

Girls with large faces or fleshy faces, don’t choose this short -eave hat hat, it will not cover the face, so choosing such a hat will play a half -effective effect.


As fruit, everyone should try to avoid stepping on the mine

Of course, the girl with a small face does not have to have such concerns,


Not only can you choose a short -eaves cucklet calmly, but it will also have a retro and elegant temperament with it.

(4) The top shape selection of the hat of the hat hat:


1. Ding Ding Cat hat

When it comes to the dome cap, everyone thinks first, Chaplin. Yes, people who have watched his movie should be impressed by the black dome hat on his head.

It is said that in London at that time, the dome hat was not only a symbol of every gentleman, but also a symbol of culture and high education.


The current dome hat is still popular as ever,


Not only often appears in the fashion field, but also often seen on the heads of the stars, but the dome cap should choose carefully in matching

, Generally choose according to the coat, or according to the color of the clothes

2. flat top hat


The feeling of flat top caps gives people feelings

Generally, gentlemen and cuteness, because it is flat, but it is round, very neat, although the hat is just a decoration

But if this is not well matched, it will also have a counterproductive effect, but if you choose it, it will definitely be an additional points.

For example, a blue suit with black boots, then the flat top cap can choose black, so that it can be achieved well


The effect of echoing at the end


Or a khaki color, then the flat top cap can also choose khaki color


In this way, it looks more harmonious, so when choosing a flat top hat, you must choose according to the matching clothing


(5) Selection of the color hat color:

1. Bright color


Bright color is not easy to match no matter which item is, because it not only picks people but also picks clothes,

The bright color is very conspicuous wherever the color is


Human skin tone must be fair, otherwise it will be darker, but if people with fair skin choose a bright hat hat, and then match the clothes,

The return rate must be 100 %

2. Dark color

Dark hats are generally versatile,

For example, a black hat hat, black is originally a versatile color, so no matter what color clothes with black hats are matched, the black hat can play a good job.

For example, a black hat hat with a rose red jacket and black pants. Generally, this bright jacket is very difficult to control.

But because of the black setting on the body, it seems very harmonious

And the black hat is generally still


The face is particularly petite, and the skin will be relatively fair, so the dark hat is a matching artifact.


It is also suitable for anyone

4. How to wear a hat hat


(1) coat+hat hat

In the autumn and winter seasons, coats are basically common fashion items on the street, and the hat hat is generally a good match for coats.

The coat without a hat seems to have no soul. When choosing a hat hat, you must choose according to the color of the coat.

Or choose a wild hat,

The coat with a cooker, this combination will give people a very elegant feeling, and the aura is also very strong

The full aristocracy Fan showed up


Five, female star’s hat hat wear

Look1: Elegant nobles

Those who know Han Xue generally know that she reveals an elegant noble atmosphere from her bones, but her dressing at the airport is even more impressive.

The upper body is a color -fighting sweater. The version of the sweater is loose. The hem of the sweater is stuffed into the denim skirt of the lower body.


Denim skirt is a more slim -fit version,

The lines of Han Xue’s legs are very good. The high -waisted denim not only lengtheha Han Xue’s waistline, but also shows her two long legs.

What is more attractive is her elegant temperament


This noble and elegant temperament is emitted from the inside out. At the same time, the black hat on the head also adds a lot of elegance

The overall dark match is unexpectedly made people shine

Look2: Lady feels full

The Jing Tianjia jacket appeared in the airport is a brown woolen coat. The white sweater is used as an inside. The lower body is rolled jeans with a pair of brown boots on the feet.


The overall shape is very ordinary

But the black hat on the head attracts attention, the black hat hat with black

The sunglasses set off her skin’s particularly fair, walking at the airport and constantly exuding a ladylike atmosphere.


The harmonious hat is “polite”, and the previous hats did have the meaning of politeness.

But now the hat hat has become a fashion item. In fact, there are more matching and less hats.


Therefore, it is also important to put on a hat hat on some wearing. Xiaobian has gradually planted these hats to plant grass.


I wonder if you have any