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厨房神器 居家必备的新奇橡胶手套夹

[Original of Zhongguancun Online Home Appliances Channel] Rubber gloves are often used in many families. For example, when washing dishes in the kitchen or washing clothes in the bathroom, it was essential. However, I believe that in the process of using rubber gloves, they often encounter such a situation, that is, after the gloves are used, they are wet. It is very troublesome to dry the gloves. So, is there a solution to this problem?

厨房神器 居家必备的新奇橡胶手套夹

New -style glove clamping

Recently, smart designers have brought us a glove clip to solve this problem cleverly. This glove clip looks like an oversized needle. In terms of materials, it is made of soft rubber material, which is non -toxic and tasteless. One end of the glove clip is linked to the use of the user to hang it up. On the other end, there is a hollow design.

Use step demonstration

厨房神器 居家必备的新奇橡胶手套夹

Simple usage

The use of this product is also very simple. After using the gloves, you don’t need to remove the gloves. You only need to stretch your fingers into the gap and take out your hands. The gloves can be left on the glove. In this way, it is convenient for users to dry their gloves. With this artifact, everyone no longer has to worry about how to dry their gloves. When used next time, it will not be wet gloves.