On June 24, 2021, Beijing time, the world’s leading men’s pants expert Jiu Mu Wang released the 2022 spring and summer series, appeared in the “World Fashion Center” Paris, and staged the Nine Shepherd King in Paris Fashion Week in Paris Fashion Week in the Paris Museum of Paris, France. Field shot. This time, Jiu Mu King announced to the world that “China has good craftsmanship, good market, and better men’s pants brands”, which allows Chinese men’s pants to go to the world stage and show the world’s brand responsibility.

Together with the former Jennia designer, men’s pants expert Jiu Mu Wang 100 years Paris Fashion Week’s first trousers show off

Jiu Mu King joined hands with the former Jennian designer Louis-Gabriel NOUCHI (Louis Gabriel Nuqi) to land on the Paris show on the first four fashion weeks, showing the trend of contemporary men’s pants. Nine Shepherd’s Creative Director NOUCHI has worked in Zegna (Jenia) for many years. The brand has always been famous for high -end fabrics and sophisticated tailoring. Essence As a representative of the French emerging designer, Nouchi has cooperated with Lav Simmons, then Dior’s design director during the graduate school. Later The capsule series was launched.

Inspired by the “Maritime Silk Road” of Jiu Mu Wang, this big show was inspired by the beautiful Paris Modern Art Museum of Paris. Art reproduces classic elements on the ancient sea roads: Chinese sailing boats, Arab ceramics, Gentola in Italy, and Roy printing in France, etc., to create a traditional fashion aesthetics that break through traditional, making the show wonderful. As the first pants show of the Jiuzhu King of Paris Fashion Week, this creative show that crosses the Silk Road on the sea has won the high praise of the online fashion industry media show group, all said: “From the version, fabric, design, process, craftsmanship In the matching scene, I have seen many possibilities created by men’s pants expert Jiu Mu King “, and” hopes that Jiu Mu King is a global leader of men’s pants to release more pants shows with both design and professional power. “

Men’s pants experts carry national culture, Paris Fashion Week show Capsule series pre -sale

Jiu Mu Wang 2022 Paris Fashion Week Show Capsule Series continues the same design inspiration of the Paris show, with pants as a nuclear, from the China, Arabia, Yili Li, and French countries from the Maritime Silk Road. In the middle of the core elements, the launch of six men’s pants with a sense of fashion design and a good dressing experience. After opening the pre -sale of the official channels of the Jiu Mu, it is popular with consumers, and it is difficult to find a pants.


1. Explore French Roy Seal, Jiu Mu Wang interprets the romantic spring and summer style


Roy printing is the classic French pattern of the eighteenth century. The King of Nine Shepherds innovated it. The classic buildings of the four representatives on the Silk Road were interconnected to each other in the way of printing, showing the rejuvenation of ancient times. The style version is loose and comfortable, combined with the effect of oblique fabrics, has a strong sense of body and delicateness. The designer designs the pants legs to be removed, so that the pants can reach the pants to wear, which can be worn as a pants and can become comfortable in seconds. With different clothes on the top Matching style.

2. Men’s pants expert, drive into Paris Fashion Week

The 2022 Paris Fashion Week Capsule series uses the sailing elements as the opening. It is presented with simple basic models in the men’s pants version. Combined with the current diluted bodies of the pupae, it enhances the sense of hierarchy of fashion; incorporated into the Chinese sailing boat The label elements echo the Chinese elements on the silk road, and use the exquisite and delicate sailing marked labels to improve the highlight of the entire style from the details.

3. Chinese plate buckle, beauty to the extreme


Although the plate buckle is small, it contains the unique cultural connotation of the Chinese nation. The designer uses a simple basic drawing leisure pants, combined with the representative decorative accessories of Chinese elements, the plate buckle, which is both functional and traditional decorative method, showing the essence of Chinese clothing.

4. The combination of architectural art and clothing art -French Arc de Triomphe print

Hegel claims that the clothing is “floating building”, and the shorts of Jiu Mu King are perfectly combined with the French landmark building triumph. This short version uses a wide -leg version. The ingredients of the pupae through the simple elastic waist, combined with the adjustable folding trousers design, so that the wearer is refreshing and comfortable. The pattern has better increase the value and fashion of the entire shorts.

5. Blue and white porcelain blue of Chinese classic national essence


In the color direction, the Chinese porcelain fragments of Chinese porcelain -Chinese blue and white porcelain are selected for the opening of the sea -underwater archeology. The elegant blue -white porcelain and blue -combined cone pants design makes it more comfortable and stylish; the pants and mouth are made of pants, combined with exquisite patch, reflecting the fineness and details of the pants.

King of Jiu Mu is going to the world, originated from 32 years of concentration and deep cultivation

Each brand and each designer have their own style, but the Jiu Mu King and the creative director cooperate with each other, and each step is very bold. From the 2022 Paris Fashion Week Show Capsule series, it is not difficult to see the current sense of fashion of Jiu Mu King and as a deep cultivation of men’s pants. The field has been super professional and forward -looking for 32 years. In order to make “the best pants”, King Jiuwa has always adhered to 23000 stitches, 108 processes, 30 -bit ironing, and 24 artificial inspection. Not only that, Jiu Mu King, as one of the heads of Chinese men’s pants, has a practical new patent in the field of 19 pants, 6 major main pushes, accumulated 12 million human data, just to make every pair of pants, and interpret “China and ingenuity. Create the profound connotation of “Chinese quality” and “Chinese brand”. Kowloon King, as a global leader of men’s pants, can be said to be deserved.

As a leading Chinese enterprise and industry, Jiu Mu Wang, as a national brand, has gone abroad to land in Paris Fashion Week, showing the professional advantages and thickness of many years, and it also reflects that any success is not achieved overnight. Dare to innovate the world’s first. In the spirit of 32 years, King Jiu Mu continued to pursue the breakthrough and innovation of enterprises, and strived to create the best men’s pants in the world, gradually embarking on the world stage, and showing the world’s national brand’s world.

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