The ballad sang: Don’t worry about children and children, it’s year after Laba.

The lunar month is here, Laba is here, and the last month of the year is over half.

The lunar month is here, some people are thinking home, some people are sentimental, and some people are leisurely … The lunar mood you want, all in poetry.

Poetry Jun shared 30 lunar month poems. It was cold and warm, and his heart was still warm.

1. This winter is frost and snow, and the lunar month is annoyed. ——Lu You “Lunar”

2. La Ri is warm and far from all year round, and this year La Ri frozen disappeared. —— Du Fu “La Ri”

3. Wharma does not drink alone to travel to the lake, so that there is no one. ——Su Song “Sub -rhyme Suzi Scholar Bachelor’s Day Tour West Lake”

4. Puyang Yueyue, Jiangfeng is bitter cold, the year old, the twilight, and the night long sleep. ——Bai Juyi “and Yuan Jiu Shu”

5. Si Jun is old, and the years are too late. ——Aneeveraging “Xingxing Re -Restaurant”

6. The daytime frequency has not tasted the snow, and this spring snow is here. ——Li Zhiyi “Two Rhyme Snow”


7. Wild shop disabled winter. Green wine spring strong. Now, who is the same. ——Wang Yan “Xingxiangzi Laba Day and Hong Zhongjian Xingxing’s Night Snow Works”

8. Shao Zhuang’s heart is empty, leisurely feels old. —— Mei Yaochen “La Ri Snow”


9. Wanri does not return to his wife, and the famous travelers are entertaining. ——Su Shi “The Second Monk of Hui Qin and Hui Sishan,” Whajue Restaurant “


10. I lived in lazily on the night of the year, and the small windows were gone all day long. ——Lu You “Rain on the 14th of the Lunar Moon”


The shore was treated with Shu Liu, and the mountain was rushing to the cold. —— Du Fu “Little to”

12. Wan is exhausted, and the spring returnees have not returned. – “Yu Shiming Yan · Volume 1”

13. White hair urges the old age, Qingyang is forced to remove the year. Eternal sorrow is not stunned, and the night window is false. —— Meng Haoran “The Year of the Twilight Goes to Nanshan”

14. The scattered plum blossoms cross the residual wax, so the garden is drunk and the New Year. ——Li Duan “Xiangkou Sending Friends”


Then, then, then

For a long time in the hometown, Ning Ki La Chu. ——A Qian Qi “Send the nephew Huaisu to return to the hometown to serve”

16. La Xue often heard that it was sold out, and this year La Ri Xue fluttered. —— Zhang Boyu “La Ri Xi Xue”


17. Mei Rui La was broken before, and the plum blossoms were many after years. —— Du Fu “Jiang Mei”

18. The hotel passed through the disabled, and only the empty book was sent to the hometown. ——Wang Jian’s “Winter Winter Starts in the End of the Winter”


19. The years are not living, and the season is like flowing. ——Hon Rong “On Sheng Shengzhang Book”

20. The sound of snow is beside the bamboo, and the cold dream does not leave home. —— Rongyu “Guizhou La Night”

21. Twenty -four lunar month, the stove Jun is about to talk about it. ——Fan Chengda’s “Ten Words of Sacrifice in Tianlefu, Yueyue Village”

22. La Ri opened the door to the mountains, and the short -sightedness of the sorrow. ——The Zhang Huan “Two of La Ri · One”


23. Although the day is short, the night is also idle. Gao Shumei first appeared, climbing with Jun. ——The Xu Xuan “La Ri Tong Zhu Xueyu Deng Cuilu Pavilion”

24. Wash the clear snow on the width of Mang Duan. —— Chen Jie “The Spring Fast Snow in the middle of the month”

25. Shijiechuchi frozen. Xun Day is the Spring Dynasty. Mei Tufang laughed at her heart, Liu Hanqing’s eyes were embarrassed. ——The Zhang Gang’s “DPRK Toro (La Ri · Three of the Third)”

26. Big wax meets Jiajie, Yang and warmth want to return. Early spring, early spring in the sky. ——Tang Wenfeng “Entering the Japanese Poetry One”

27. See a leaf fall, and know that the year of the year will be twilight. – “Huainanzi · Saying Mountain Training”

28. In the past month, the prosperity is smooth, so the mountains can pass. ——Wang Wei’s “Book of Mountains and Pei Xiucai”

29. La Ri smoke is thin, and the suburbs are spit. The year old to the wax festival, the wine cooked in the village. ——Li Xianfang “La Ri”

30. Wolong jumped into a loess at the end of the horse. —— Du Fu “Pavilion Night”

With regret and expectations, we walked into the new year.

Walking through the cold lunar month, it is about to usher in a warm spring day. I hope someone will accompany you to spend the cold wax.