Recently, Xiaomi Youpin is more powerful than the barrel water, and has launched a number of water heaters one after another.

First of all, a water -ranging heater that was crowdfunded at the end of April was sold on July 1 on Xiaomi Youpin, priced at 89 yuan, and a new Basic version of the TDS was added, priced at 69 yuan.

Today, Xiaomi crowdfunded the small wave TDS, the hottest water heater. The biggest feature is supporting the heating function. It is called 3 seconds hot and the price is also more expensive.

at the same time,

Today, Xiaomi Youpin was also put on a pumping water pump in a barrel, which is priced at 69 yuan, and the face value is also very high.


The five -layer composite touch induction switch is adopted, and the response is sensitive. One -click touch operation, experience technology life. When you touch the water, shut down as soon as possible, and the elderly and children can easily use it.

The product adopts edible silicone water pipe, healthy, safe, non -toxic, odor, high degree of transparency. Materials of the same level are usually used in the hose and pacifier of baby bottle, and mothers and infants can be used with confidence.


The ordinary vertical water dispenser is equipped with a water storage warehouse, and the accumulated dirt in the warehouse will contaminate the flow of water. The pumping machine uses a direct pumping method, and the fuselage does not store water storage warehouses. Do not store water, only transport water, every drop is fresh.


Applicable conventional buckets on the market can be used, and the applicable capacity: 4.5L, 5L7.5L, 10L, 11.3L, 15L, 18.9L, and the connection seats are compatible with different calibers of different buckets.

The outlet is designed with a 10 -degree rising tilt angle. The water flow is naturally injected with a kettle placed on the ground. There is no need to hold the kettle with your hand, and it is easy to pick it up. Each of about 1.5 liters of water is automatically shut down to avoid overflowing the water due to forgetting.

The motor uses a powerful magnet, plus three sets of independent electromagnet coils to output strong thrust to the pump, and quickly pump water. It only takes 2 seconds to fill a glass of water.

The built -in rechargeable lithium battery, the USB interface is convenient and fast, it can draw more than 120 pots of water (1.5L per pot) each time.