Diesel Prototype Shoes

Fashion brand Diesel has recently launched a sneakers “prototype”.

This Italian brand currently in the transition period has been famous for cowboy products, and sports shoes are considered to be supplemented to denim products. Diesel and Marni, Maison Margiela and other brands OTB Group.

Prototype originated from the super-running field, meaning “prototype car”, a super modern prototype that has not been promoted to civil research and development versions.

The Prototype released by Diesel is a neutral shoe, a design product launched by creative director Glenn Martens for the spring and summer of 2022.

In addition to the appearance of the tilt textured rubber strip and non-centrifugated asymmetric laces, the shoe has also adopted the industrial underlying tread and a molded rubber layer covering the entire upper.

In addition, Diesel who is not satisfied with sell shoes is also joined the NFT (non-homogeneous Currency) army, working with the start-up platform Neuno.io, and redesigned Prototype into NFT and is on November 23, 2021.

一周运动新品 | 时尚潮牌试水中性鞋款,DIESEL运动鞋还玩NFT版本

It is reported that Prototype’s physical shoes will be released in December this year, and the remaining colorful color is expected to be released in February next year.

一周运动新品 | 时尚潮牌试水中性鞋款,DIESEL运动鞋还玩NFT版本

Air Jordan 4 Golf “Black Cat”

Sports brand Jordan’s new golf shoe Air Jordan 4 Golf “Black Cat” is about to be released.

This shoe uses a full black color, design material, including artificial masculine, suede, suede of the shoe, suede support, etc.

The Jordan brand is the earlier in 2006, launched the Air Jordan 4 “Black Cat” version and re-raised the whole family size in early 2020.

In fact, Air Jordan 4 Golf “Black Cat” with the earlier Brand and Nordstrom Creative Project Vice President Olivia Kim Creating the AIR Jordan 4 “No Cover” is close, the biggest difference is the soles of golf shoe versions.

一周运动新品 | 时尚潮牌试水中性鞋款,DIESEL运动鞋还玩NFT版本

There is a foreign-faced book account sharing the picture of Air Jordan 4 Golf “Black Cat” in social media, and revealing that the shoe is expected to be released on December 4, and the retail price is $ 220.

361 ° Royal II

After the first generation of products, after a year, the domestic sports brand 361 ° recently released the Royal Series 2nd-generation running shoes.

一周运动新品 | 时尚潮牌试水中性鞋款,DIESEL运动鞋还玩NFT版本

According to reports, 361 ° is upgraded against protective performance, especially the medium waist, enhances wrap; followed by the TPU surround design, and serves to support the effect.

In the sole, rubber is equipped with a drainage design to ensure a slippery environment. The medium is used in the middle of the brand QU! Kfoam Lite.

At the same time, the appearance design of the Royal II with the leather network to creating a machine, the upper triangle, the upper triangle, the tongue, and followed by Xiangyun and other texture patterns.

The Royal A II has two color colors, which are dark blue, orange, and white bottoming, and white bottoming.

361 ° Royal Armor II is currently not announced.