The four -wheel positioning is often done by car tire testing. Many auto -uniform stores are already equipped with four -wheeled positioning services. but,

In recent years, the four -wheel positioning price of many stores has dropped from hundreds to dozens

This makes many people puzzled: it is obviously a high -end service, why is the price be pressed like this?

▼ I don’t know if you have encountered the following situations:


Four -wheel positioning charging standards

The development of positioning business requires purchasing equipment, hiring technicians, and regular training. Therefore, the price of four -wheel positioning service is also higher. Under such a major premise,

At present, the domestic three -type tire stores have different charging standards.

◆ More than 150 yuan


Some big -name tires’ super experience centers and flagship stores of each brand, the instruments used in the store are relatively high -end. The manager usually has many years of experience. The technician is also very professional, and the service level and ability are high. Therefore, the price is also high, the most expensive is hundreds of 150.

◆ 60 yuan to 150 yuan

Now many tire shop services and technical levels have come up, and the owner’s satisfaction is also very high. This “professional service type” store does a four -wheeled positioning in accordance with the standard operation process specifications, and the price is also relatively advantageous, about 100 yuan.


◆ About 50 yuan

For some stores that have just started, the price is generally about 50 yuan, and even some tire shops are positioned as gifts.

Why does the price fall again?

There are two reasons why the price of the four -wheel positioning is very different: there are two reasons:


The accuracy of the four -wheel positioning instrument, the level of technician level. High equipment and labor costs have become the threshold for most stores.


Accuracy of instrument

The four -wheel positioning instrument of 3D technology occupies the dominant position of the market. It is more mature and more accurate than the earliest laser, Bluetooth and other technologies. At present, the 3D four -wheel positioning instrument of the cottage in the market occupies a dominance, so that 50 yuan can be used for a four -wheel positioning! Its data accuracy is compared with the four -wheel positioning instrument accuracy of traditional European and American manufacturers such as Germany and the United States, which is large, which directly affects the final effect of the four -wheel positioning.


Technician level

Generally speaking, the expensive four -wheeled positioning service is operated by professional technicians. This kind of service takes about an hour. Check the chassis accessories, measure the four -wheel air pressure, recover the vehicle back and forth, install the brake fixed device, find the model data … Do not leak a dozen steps. For cheap four -wheel positioning service, the professional level of technicians is not very high, and the operation process is not perfect.

Time is priceless, technology is priceless


No matter how much charges are charged, one thing is certain, that is:

You get what you pay for. The expensive service naturally has the truth of expensive.

As a technical work, many years of technical accumulation has exercised a pair of clever hands. Some masters can easily set up tire problems and have exquisite craftsmanship. Although the four -wheeled positioning is inevitable with the quality of the machine and equipment, it is also closely related to the professional standards of the auto repair.

The experience of auto repair accumulated and hard -working accumulation is also worthy of respect. The price is priceless and the technology is priceless. Our auto repair person cannot see his time and experience cheaply.

Regarding the problem of charges, some time is not unwilling to pay for it. What the auto repair master must do is to make consumers feel that money is worth it.

When we go to see a doctor, we will do a check first, and then open the prescription. If the disease is mild, the disease is only necessary, and the disease is undergoing surgery. For maintenance companies, we should pay attention to the experience process of customers from the needs to the final service.

How serious and how to repair the problem of the car?

They are not clear. If we make a clear, propose maintenance suggestions, and then let customers make decisions, is it easier to gain the trust of customers? Let customers be willing to pay for the service?

At the end

As a auto repair master, everyone should let each car owner know the problem of the vehicle, and give a scientific and reasonable suggestion and maintenance plan for the car owner to make a decision. And the owner should also understand the auto repair master one more point. After all, they rely on technology to eat. There is no income. What is the service?