When you pass through the streets and alleys, most of them will have a spicy smell with hot pot inadvertently to wash the dust for you. Steve the incense wind and start your visual radar, and soon scan it on the nearby street. There will be a large soup pot sitting on the stove. The dried red peppers rolled happily. A circle hangs on the pot, soaked in a cone -shaped bamboo basket soaked in red -brown soup, full of various vegetables and vegetables. In about two or three minutes, the store lifted the bamboo basket, poured the hot raw materials into the bowl, and scooped chicken essence, sesame oil, garlic, dispersed celery, green onion, and a bowl of hot and fragrant hot vegetables. If you want to ask what the dish is, sellers or buyers will definitely answer you in surprise: “Take vegetables!”

冒菜 风行百年的市井吃情

“Driven”, simply speaking, “It is a person’s hot pot, hot pot is a group of people’s counterfeit vegetables.” The steamed vegetables are divided into hot pot dribble in Chengdu: that is, there is a hot pot with hot pot soup. Brine and dripstick: It is a kind of steated fragrance made of spicy braised formula. The bottom soup can be used for rice, cooked hand or noodles, which tastes delicious and spicy; Boil into the pot full of boiling water, put it in a bowl, and add various seasonings according to personal preference.

Besides, “take”, in the Sichuan dialect, it is to put the food in the boiling soup hot, hot, or broken. A large pot of old braised soup that can smell the fragrance is placed in front of the store, and it will be matched with your customers’ preferences, or vegetarian either or vegetarian or vegetarian.配菜至少也有二三十种,大多是土豆、藕片、苕粉、捃肝、捃把、鸭肠、脑花、兔腰、木耳、海带、金针菇、平菇、鸭血、毛肚、黄Throat, jelly, bean skin, bean sprouts, lettuce tips, etc., or crisp tender, soft, or smooth; come on on the ribbon, spicy sauce, spicy sauce, minced garlic, green onion, coriander, celery festival, etc. Drip some sesame oil, delicious! Some powerful chicks also add millet peppers, or pepper noodles, pepper noodles. When you are talking about the hot pot, but just one or two people, the bowl of vegetables can definitely satisfy the desire in your heart.

Take vegetables, whether it is dish or taste, it is very inspiring to eat affection


Although the vegetables, although they stood out from the hot pot and spicy hot hot hot pot nearly a decade ago, just in terms of the word “counterfeit”, even though it is not long and long, this kind of food custom is considered a little bit of years. The word “counterfeit” is originally created by the Sichuan Renchuan dialect, and “counterfeit” is also a unique folk cooking method in the Chengdu Plain. It is to put the raw or cooked raw materials into the roller soup pot. In the past, people in Chengdu had spicy food and fat sausage powder as “steamed bowl powder” or “two fat intestines”. Others include “dribble intestines, goose intestines”, “dribbled duck, roast duck, and dripped rice jelly” and so on. Especially in Chengdu people eat roast duck, there is also a big hobby, who likes to eat roast duck, fake duck intestines and duck blood. It can be said to be one of the highlights of the civilian food culture unique to Chengdu, and it has even become a special -flavored dish in the restaurant restaurant. Opposite Qingshiqiao Zhang Roast Duck and Qintai Road

冒菜 风行百年的市井吃情

Leaf duck

冒菜 风行百年的市井吃情

The dribble duck, the duck intestine, and the duck blood are already households. But the true source of “counterfeit” is from “fascinating powder” and “counterfeit rice”.

In the morning wind of the old Chengdu a few years ago, in the morning wind in the morning and night, in the twilight, a stream of flavor of the flavor of pepper, pepper, fresh pig miscellaneous and other flavors was filled. At the source of the fragrance, a dim oil lamp cover was shook in the creamy hot air, and there were many people shaking. Chopped and chopped, the cutting board was ringing; the chopsticks were shaking. Some people are shouting “The roots!”, And some people answered: “If you want it, come!”, Some shouted: “Add some brine soup, more pepper water!”, “Come on, come!” It was lively to shout and answer, breaking the silence of dawn or night. A good daily painting of the old painting stalls in Chengdu well in Chengdu well.

In some plain noodle restaurants, intestine powder shops, beef and mutton soup pot restaurants, there is a service item: valet take meals. The valet of pixel noodle restaurants is to pour the cold rice that the customer comes with it into the bamboo basket, put it in the noodle soup pot or cook in the bowl in the bowl in the bowl, put some lard, hook two spoons of two spoons, Soy sauce, sprinkle some buds and green onions, you can eat it. Give 2 cents in the 1950s and 1960s. If you still have surplus money, you can add a thin fat intestines or cardiopulmonary tablets. This kind of store opened the store very late in the morning. It is a place where civilians, small businessmen, and small employees often come and go a day.

冒菜 风行百年的市井吃情

Old guests who are dripped (remake of old photos)

In addition, there are special “fake restaurants” in Chengdu, and eaters do not have to bring their own cold rice. In the past, there was a “furnace bridge deck” in Chengdu. In the 1950s, Chengdu’s most prosperous Huaxing Street was next to the commercial venue, and there was a small shop to operate. Several small tables and stools are often filled with those who are working hard and small staff. The stove is the street, the hot air is cloudy, and a large dustpan and cold rice are placed on the table case. Several large plates are cooked and chopped fat intestines, pork heart and lungs, and large bowls of lard, soy sauce, green onion, sprouts, etc. There are two people in the rice shop, one hand, one running hall, standing in front of the big pot, pouring a bowl of cold rice into the colander, rolling in the rolling soup of the fat intestines and bones, then poured into the bowl and then poured into the bowl. Inside, grab a pinch of fat intestines, heart and lungs into the colander, and pour it on the rice noodles a little in the soup, add a small pile of lard, a small spoon of soy sauce, sprinkle some green onions and buds, and run the hall. For customers, it is only three or two minutes in total.

Although there is no big vegetable meat, it is already a delicious meal for ordinary people at that time. It is fresh and hot and oily. Although it is not to say that the brain is full of intestinal fertilizer, it is indeed oily and fragrant. Fa rice has naturally become a major feature and style of street snacks in Chengdu. After I work, I still ca n’t change the habit of poor acid. I ate outside at noon, either beanframe rice, bean soup rice, or this counterfeit.

I remember that in the late 1950s, when I was in elementary school, my mother was going to work every day and went home in the afternoon. After school at noon, I lifted a large bowl of cold rice left on the table, and took my brother and sister to go to a intestine powder shop on the street to take a meal. In addition to oil, soy sauce, buds, and green onions, add some fat intestinal residue. Back at home, divide the rice, and then scoop dish from the jar or fish for a bowl of kimchi. The brothers and sisters were eaten beautifully in three. I am a elder brother. Of course, a bowl of rice is not enough, and the girl is weak, and often scoop me the rice in my bowl. There are lard aromas, fat sausage, soy sauce aroma, and sprouts onion, a bowl of rice is simply a mess. After many years, sometimes the younger sister still quarreled to eat this “oil rice”.

Drived vegetables are definitely a preferred little girl

The face of the dish changes

冒菜 风行百年的市井吃情

In today’s Chengdu, in the streets and alleys, farmers’ markets, and residential areas, the figures and fragrant winds are everywhere. The taste of the dish is good or not, it depends entirely on the flavor of the soup in the pot. The vegetables are purely a masterpiece of the wisdom of food in Chengdu. And the flavor of the dishes becomes more dazzling, including “hot pot”, “brine dripped vegetables”, “clear water and dried vegetables”, “cooking fire dishes”, “dried dried dishes”, etc., it will make you dizzy. Endless, there are countless beauty fans love.

The hot pot is the big brother in the dish, which is the mainstream of the vegetable market. Featured with hot pot soup, it has a strong hot pot flavor. At present, Chengdu’s most representative is the spicy hall, ghost fire, and sister He. The brine and dripping vegetables are based on the soup of the traditional marinated products. It has salty fresh and fragrant, which is characterized by the prominent fragrance of brine, supplemented by spicy seasoning; Cooked in the pot, remove it and pour it into the bowl, add a variety of spicy flavors of flavor and hot pot oil, pour it into the bowl, sprinkle with coriander The vegetables are similar to the water -free vegetables. White water is cooked, exquisite red oil, and dishes accompanied by eating.

Of course, no matter what kind of dishes, seasonings are the key, and each family has its own formula. However, it is usually boiled in Douban, tempeh, dried pepper, pepper, various spices and bone soups in Dianxian County. Xiangxian Plastic additives. This has formed different features such as the flavor of hot pot and marinade. Usually, those who come up with the names must be advertised as “the ancestral secret recipes” and “private secrets”, etc., in fact, most of them are gimmicks.

The dribble also borrowed from Mao Kedang’s technique

After 2010, if you want to taste the most frustrated vegetables in Chengdu, you’d better examine whether you have a strong determination and patience. To eat bowls, you have to wait at least an hour or two, queue up for dozens of meters! The key is that the queue has no regrets. It is true that the tenderness and happiness contained in Chengdu’s spicy and fresh fragrance is ordinary and profound. Although there is no hot pot at the atmosphere and spectacular of the hot pot, there is no lively and pleasant pleasure, but it shows its unique love in the streets of the city. For ordinary people, it is a kind of life attitude. It is not exaggerated, not humble, and real, making people feel stable and solid, and the aftertaste.

At present, the net reds of Chengdu are abound, such as yellow craftsmanship, dishes under the hibiscus trees. “Under the wooden lotus tree, Guan Hibiscus flowers bloom; eat delicious dribble, taste Chengdu flavor!” “Under the hibiscus tree” relying on Chengdu’s strong food and cultural heritage, inheriting the taste of the authentic Lao Chengdu. Nowadays, the flavor of Chongqing Xinpai Hotpot has been upgraded to hot pot and counterfeit vegetables! Its selection of vegetable oil, coloring oil and several kinds of natural spices, and sea peppers are fried, red oil is clear but not turbid; The peppercorns noodles, the spicy and hemp flavor of the vegetables are within the range of natural spicyness, spicy but not dry, oil but not greasy, not easy to get angry, healthy and comfortable. The dishes under the hibiscus tree were founded by an art teacher. Due to the aesthetics of the founder, the store under the hibiscus tree is quite tasteful whether it is name or design. Eating dishes in a vegetable shop under the hibiscus tree is the dual enjoyment of taste vision. This is not difficult to understand the top ten vegetables under the fake trees under the hibiscus tree.

Pattous under the hibiscus tree

However, in 2018, Chengdu Hot Pot brand, the spicy space for the leading enterprise of Qingyou Hotpot, with its decades of understanding and research on taste and the way, with its unique knowledge and flavoring experience, the first one launched the brand of clean oil hot pot. Fangxian. Hundreds of vegetarian ingredients, such as fresh pork head, strong beef, hand -crafted meatballs, fresh crispy and tender vegetables, etc., are used for diners to choose from to meet the requirements of diners. Its signature dipping formula is peculiar, fusion of fungus fragrance, red oily sauce, sand tea sauce, garlic puree, millet spicy, green onion, coriander, seafood juice, sesame oil and other ten kinds of flavors, which are delicious. Different from the previous hot pot flavor, the spicy space is respected by the private room to prepare the spices. The soup is boiled with dozens of beneficial Chinese herbal medicine, the red soup is spicy, and the white soup is fresh and elegant. The spicy space’s spicy flavor dribble base and the Sichuan specialty spicy spicy base material have become sought -after goods and net red Sichuan flavor seasoning.

The dish is made like this

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