Original title: Yeehoo Rainbow brand founded! Mainly push high -end quality aesthetic children’s clothing!

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

At the beginning of the spring, the domestic infant and child industry leader Yeehoo Ying’s first new brand Yeehoo Rainbow. For the first time, the newborn -level care is extended to over 3 years old, devoted to exploring the inspirational boundary of children’s clothes, released the aesthetic definition of childhood in a very different growth clip, allowing children to continue to obtain aesthetic carrier to accept emotions, and create diversified diversification Image and style, give individuals a chance to express unique personality in an unrestrained atmosphere.

Children are the eighth color of the rainbow

The age of 3 is a stage where there is no definition and bold definition. In the process, the expression of exploration, imitation, collision, cross, variation, and anger. Just like the LOGO of Yeehoo Rainbow, it is like a smiley face, but also like a face, never guess, and always elusive.

Yeehoo Rainbow’s brand inspiration was born in the most delicate emotional expression of literary language. Essence I believe that every parent feels the same -YOUR SMILE is My Rainbow! So as a new brand Slogan. Even if childhood has always been mixed with countless emotions and complexity, it is like a transparent sunlight that will eventually show seven unexpected and real colors after refracting reflexes in unlimited water drops. The child is the eighth color of the rainbow.

Define the new style of children’s clothing with quality aesthetics

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

Just as Yeehoo Yingshi regards the quality of the ultimate care required by 0-3 years old, the quality is regarded as a sanctuary, and Yeehoo Rainbow also finds another keyword for TAs who form a critical period of personality-aesthetics.

The main designer of Yeehoo Rainbow brand said: Children seem to be “improvised” behavior and emotions, on the other hand, they are seeking love, praise and guidance. Therefore, the new brand will not simply pursue the novelty of the visual style, but pay more attention to the child’s passionate growth elements and the expression from the heart. At the same time, combined with the quality perspective of the parents’ hearts, it creates a unique high -end quality aesthetic children’s clothing on the market. Essence

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

Through Yeehoo Rainbow, you will see the most fresh and popular IP popular elements and personalized growth scenarios such as Disney, Line FRIENDS, with unparalleled colors and imagination, combine personality style and creativity in vivid and pure geometric lines, Tailoring, incorporating a fun symbol pattern and fashion color selection, thereby obtaining a series of trendy items such as high -level clothing, hats, backpacks, shoes and socks, etc., which can be called the aesthetic enlightenment “mentor” that children grow up.

Yeehoo Rainbow 2021 Spring and Summer starting

Borhes once said: “Paradise should be the library.” In the spring and summer of 2021, the little angels of the parents will also enter the “Fantasy Library” of Yeehoo Rainbow for the first time, and read the source of inspiration in this season -book “Insect” and the picture book “The Sea Meet the Sky”.

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

1) Yeehoo Rainbow Spring Inspiration -Little Kingdom in the Wild Stone Garden

Fabul’s “Insects” is famous. The barren garden in the book is the starting point of the author’s observation and exploring the world of insects, and it is also where countless children have been fascinated from childhood. In the wonderful insect world of nature, they held a magnifying glass and explored interesting little lives with affection, and constantly perceived the rhythm and changes of odor, color, and season.

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

This season’s new products run through color elements such as ants, Alice, bees, cherries, frogs. Many color blocks such as cherry powder, denim blue, lake green, and earth yellow are combined with a block -like geometric visual flip -like combination, forming a wonderful landscape in the barren stone garden. Daily wear is versatile and interesting.

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

2) Yeehoo Rainbow Summer Inspiration- “Meet the Sky”

When the pen was turned, the story came to the little boy’s dream. His thoughts turned into a big golden fish, leading the fantasy drift, and finally arrived at the grandfather that the sea met with the sky. A loved one is always the softest part of the child’s heart. This gentle encounter with the summer ocean, wipes quiet and warmth for the endless blue. The elements of sea waves, clouds, turtles, seagulls, whales, conch, and fish have turned into children’s emotional thoughts. The clean and transparent colors brought moving warmth, creating a unique summer mood.

Yeehoo Rainbow 2021 Spring and Summer series launched more than 200 clothing, which covers sports jackets, T -shirts, shirts, trousers, suspenders, skirts, short skirts, shorts, etc. At present, it has been fully landed in Yeehoo’s direct -operated physical stores, Yeehoo Yingshi Member Mall, Tmall Yeehoo Rainbow flagship store. Each one presents the infinite charm of daily matching with aesthetic language that meets the aesthetic language of children.

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

Yeehoo Rainbow explores the way to grow aesthetics

YeeHoO Rainbow品牌创立!推3岁以上高端品质童装

Parents are keen to dress up children in various ways. Under the exposure of countless social media, the significance of “children” at the aesthetic level has been continuously applied and covered. Perhaps from the perspective of adults, every time is a very creative fashion expression, but in the eyes of children, it may not be the case.

The child’s world is always unique, full of interest, surprise, incredible, beyond imagination, and at the same time, it will also have a sense of distance from daily vision and attitude towards adults. The aesthetic and perspective of returning to children, giving children expectations for expectations, and helping them to correctly feel the relationship between individuals and the outside world. The establishment of Yeehoo Rainbow just released this message -looking forward to a surprise on children who are constantly growing with the new generation of parents in aesthetic way.

About Yeehoo Rainbow

Yeehoo’s new high -end quality aesthetic children’s clothing launched! Extend the care of newborn levels to more than 3 years old, continue from the quality of pursuit of parents’ hearts, pay attention to personalized growth scenes, picture books/fairy tale/IP and other popular elements, integrate color and imagination into children’s daily clothes, and let children let children children Become the eighth color of the rainbow. A series of high -level clothing, hats, backpacks, shoes and socks diverse definition of 20’s new style of children’s clothing, is the child’s most personal aesthetic enlightenment “mentor”!

About Yeehoo Yingshi

Yeehoo Ying’s original intention of a mother to care for the baby. Since its establishment in 1995, it has always focused on the necessity of living in infants and young children aged 0-3, and extended to the age of 6 to grow. As a high -end infant brand in China, Yeehoo Yingshi from high -quality infant underwear, sleeping bags to children’s cars, and bedrooms, and joined hands with the top international maternal and infant brands to establish baby and children’s collection stores to open the “Chinese brand, world manufacturing” model, for China Family and children enjoy solutions to the high -quality lifestyle to provide clothing, food, housing, travel, and companion.