Maybe in the cold winter,


A elegant skirt,


It is better than a pair of tight pants

It can give people warmth and comfort.

If you say summer skirts,

Wear the light and romance of the skirt,

Then winter skirts,

What is manifested is the beauty of the temperament of the skirt.

Soft colors, elegant length,

Warm material, rich level,


Flying skirt corner when walking,

Talk about the unique romance belonging to winter.


Soft colors

The skirt worn in winter is packed in




Low saturation


Not only can it create a sense of atmosphere in winter,

It is also very versatile.


The easier way,


Looking for color from life


The warm chocolate color of warmth,

The grilled chestnut brown,

Sweet autumn and winter persimmon red …

Each is full of enthusiastic atmosphere.

When paired with soft glutinous knit sweaters,

Choose a smooth or light skirt,

It feels like wearing a gentle next door,

The sun in winter,

Excessive laziness and casual atmosphere.


When matched with the earth color jacket,

The skirt is best to be the same earth,


The color is similar,

Highlighting unparalleled tenderness.

In order to avoid boring of solid color stacked in winter,

It’s better to add some highlights to the skirt,

Simple and generous grid pattern

The best match,

Can add a little bit to the shape

Retro atmosphere

Traditional plaid skirts with regular arrangement,

Even more well -behaved, with a strong college style,

Exposes a black bottoming socks,

Hurm the aroma of the light intellectual book.


Irregular plaid skirt


More modern fashion,

Highlighting extraordinary personality,

With a beret, a big scarf,

French romantic style.


Elegant length

Winter skirts are light,

It’s not missing

Keep warm

This item,

The length of the skirt

It’s particularly important.


Between the calf and ankle


Winter skirt,

Exposing the slender part of the body,

The length of the right,

Regardless of whether the amount is petite or tall,

Lean or plump is very suitable.

Under the long skirt is the “weapon” of warmth,

The thick pantyhose is hidden under the long skirt,

Take care of the demeanor and temperature.

The long skirt may be even better in winter,

Just one knit sweater, a small accessories,

Everyone can make the clothes full of atmosphere,

Express the intellectual and elegant temperament.

Make it inside with a skirt,

Choose a design with a waistline,

Highlight the tall and curve of the body.

Wear a silhouette suit,

It will not look bloated and procrastinating,

Instead, there is a kind of free and easy.


Winter long skirt with ankle boots,

Bring a stylish and light feeling,

In fact, it is extremely warm.

Put on the boots of the same color as the skirt,

It looks taller and thinner.

Gentle skirt with tough boots,

Form a conflict beauty,

Elegant and handsome coexistence.

But pay attention to the style of the boots,

Don’t fit the leg shape too much,

Slightly loose boots will be better.

The long skirt is in the cold winter,

Can wear a gentle feeling,

Show a high -level and attractive side.


Warm material

Want to use a skirt to protect the cold,

In addition to the length, pay more attention,

In the choice of skirt material,

Also more attentive.

Gauze skirt, chiffon skirt, real silk skirt,

Not only can not keep warm in winter,

It’s still very abrupt,

No winter atmosphere and texture.

In such a cold season,

It’s best to choose thick and warm materials,

Velvet, wool, leather, denim,

They are both temperature and style.

Compared with thin pleated skirts,

Vented pleated skirt

Not only retains fashionable design,

It also adds more warmth and temperament,

Together with warmth, fashionable and advanced sense.

Soft velvet fabric,


The velvet skirt swinging curve,

Shining and gorgeous luster,

Gives a refreshing texture of metal,


Shape light in heavy winter.


Skirt wearing in a coat,

Stretch a bit to support the overall shape,

It makes people look even more upright,

Leather skirt

This can show this best.


Optimized leather,

The dense material can protect the cold,

It can be so soft in winter,

You can wear its own three -dimensional sense.

David leather skirt,

Under the warm sun in winter,

Show a warm luster,

Add texture to styling.

There are also wool skirts, woolen skirts …

Soft, thick, warm, and textured,

We cannot change the change of the season,

But you can keep your longing for skirts.


Rich level

The jacket is more fluffy in winter,

Need some tight inner skirts.

The knitted skirt of the wardrobe has not been fully collected,

At this time as the inner style of winter shape,

Care the body with warm and comfortable fabrics,

Do not give any opportunity to invade cold wind.

Knitwear dress can outline the body curve,


Knit two -piece suit can modify the figure.

Slightly loose knitwear and skirt,

Can effectively cover our “autumn”,

High waist style display proportions and layered sense,

The small man will also look tall.

Winter is most suitable for wearing long jackets,

The skirt and long coat are simply a perfect match,

Thick, wide, warm, warm,

Give the body unlimited security.

At this time, pay more attention to the length of the skirt,

It is best to increase with the length of the coat,

The elegant skirt is exposed under the jacket,

Not only will it not make the shape procrastinating,

Instead of the rate of jackets,

It shows romance and tenderness.

Some women to skirts,

It seems to have a natural attachment,

Not afraid of the destruction of cold and north wind,

Pursuing the freedom and elegance of the skirt.

The era of “wearing skirts in winter”

Already away from us,

Just now, the winter day at this moment,

Wear a warm and gentle skirt,

Walking chic in the windy wind.