In recent years, the three towns of Oriental City have relying on resource advantages to build a “one village, one product” characteristic brand, introduce high -quality enterprises to create modern crocodile industrial parks, combine base construction with agricultural tourism culture, develop characteristic tourism, and help rural revitalization.

In the Crocodile Crocodile Industry Tourism Park, the anchor has launched a new model of live procurement through online and offline sales channels by selling crocodile bags, leather goods, fresh food and other products on the platform, and opened a live procurement model.

三家镇:发展鳄鱼特色养殖 助力乡村产业振兴

Opening the live broadcast of goods is one of the ways for the Crocodile Crocodile Industry Tourism Park to open up online and offline sales channels. In addition, Crocodile Crocodile Industrial Park has been rated as a three coconut tourist attractions in Hainan Province in March 2021. There are special areas such as crocodile breeding and sightseeing areas in the sightseeing park. In addition to watching the shape and lifestyle of the crocodile, tourists can watch the crocodile form and lifestyle. In addition to the fun of fishing crocodiles, you can also buy crocodile -related products at close range.

Crocodile Crocodile Industry Tourism Park is an important manifestation of the three towns in Oriental City to realize the integration of the three industries. In the context of “vigorously developing characteristic and advantageous industries and helping rural revitalization strategies”, the crocodile brand adopts the business model of “company+farmers’ breeding” business model , Cooperate with many crocodile breeding companies to jointly build the three township industries from a single breeding and planting into a full industry chain integration of crocodile breeding, freshness and high -end derivatives in the whole industrial chain integrating crocodile breeding, freshness and high -end derivatives. The Oriental Crocodile Town was named the 11th batch of “one village, one product” demonstration village and towns in the eleventh batch of nationwide.

三家镇:发展鳄鱼特色养殖 助力乡村产业振兴

As one of the important rural rejuvenation and development industries in the East, the crocodile characteristic industry has strengthened the connection with the characteristic industry enterprises, improved the “hematopoietic” function of farmers, and walked out of a new road to integrate rural revitalization and development. Zhang Yizhi, a villager from the Hongcao Village of Sanjia Town, is one of the beneficiaries. With the help of crocodile breeding enterprises, Zhang Yizhi established a farmer’s professional cooperative and invested 10 million yuan through some loans for crocodile breeding.

According to statistics, 22 crocodile companies represented by Crocodile Crocodile Technology Co., Ltd. are currently introduced in Oriental. It is planned to reach more than 5,000 acres of crocodile breeding in the next five years, and the annual output value is expected to reach 3 billion yuan. With the legalization of some crocodile breeding and the benefits of policies, the crocodile industry has gradually entered the development of fast lanes, which has also become an oriental characteristic industry, which has played a positive role in driving farmers to become rich and promoting rural revitalization.