Skin care for the daily compulsory courses of beautiful girls. Of course, in order to do the basic skin care, a multi -purpose moisturizing cream can not only be used as a cream, but also use it as hand cream and body milk. Almighty good things can effectively moisturize the skin and activate cells, making you beautiful and confident.


For me who loves the beauty, whether there is an important entertainment or at home on the weekend, I will do a good skin care for myself. Especially in a relatively dry season, plus my own skin is dry, sometimes I often work overtime. Fortunately, I have an artifact, that is, this Italy imported Doffen moisturizing cream. From the beginning to contact with this product, it has been used for a long time, which can be regarded as a big secret of my skin!

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Observation review ★★★★


The Italian imported Doffen Nourishing Moisturizing Cream is 150ml, white box lid, blue box body, and the packaging is very delicate. After opening the lid, there is a layer of tin foil inside, which not only has a good sealing effect, but also clean and hygienic. White cream is physically, milk -like dense and delicate, non -greasy, good ductility, suitable for all skin types.


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Efficacy assessment ★★★★★

This Fenfesto’s use of nutritional moisturizing cream contains Doffang’s various patents. It is a good skin care product and is suitable for people with a variety of skin types. The moisturizing effect is good, and it can be moisturized for your skin for 24 hours, allowing it to keep it smooth and smooth. In addition, because this moisturizing cream also contains rich nutrition, it also has a certain effect on uniform skin tone, which can meet the overall needs of the skin’s moisturizing, delicateness, and smoothness in daily life.

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Use experience ★★★★★

My skin is super easy to dry, especially after washing my face in autumn and winter or spring, I always have a sense of tightness. I have used a lot of moisturizing products, and the effect has not been significant. Later, by chance, I started this Dafen moisturizing cream from Italy. After using it for a period of time, the skin is rarely dry, and it is also delicate and smooth.


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Overall evaluation ★★★★★

In general, I think this moisturizing cream is really particularly praised, which basically meets the moisturizing needs of my face, hands and other parts. A box can be used for a few boxes, it is really recommended!