#Ideal Spring Dress#

As we all know, the ability to work in the workplace is very important, but the capable and elegant dress is also your extra points. New people in the workplace have experienced the first Spring Festival holiday, and do they also suffer from “post -holiday syndrome”?

Today, I give you a grass for everyone in the spring that suits newcomers in the workplace


Wearing a demonstration, the upper body is gentle and loses in the workplace. Basically, you can deal with various occasions, and you don’t hurry up!

1. knitted cardigan

Knit cardigan

With the gentle attributes of sweater, it can not only give us warmth, but also make us demeanor and fashion. It is not as capable as a suit, but soft and natural, and grounded.

This is a loose short

, Symnoma with


Waist seal


The effect is thin, and it is not a problem to create a sense of hierarchy or the proportion of the body.

Pay attention to one workplace matching

Simple and elegant

Choose black in black.

Black suit pants

As well as

Black flared pants

Black A -line skirt


There is no problem.


Add on a cardigan

Gangster element


It looks more textured and mature slightly. I feel that V -line has a large skin area, and you can wear strips



, Add femininity.


Suggestion when matching “


Short -term

“, For example, set up a pair of high -waist small black pants,

Black and white contrast

, Also show high legs.



turtleneck sweater


Open wearing is also a good way to wear, remember to stuff the hem of the turtleneck sweater into the pants of the bottom.

In addition to weaving cardigan, match with pants, match


It is better to highlight the feminine side of women. The length of the skirt is very important, and even if it is above the knee.


Second, knots knitwear

Knit sweater

There must be in the wardrobe of sisters. It is simple and versatile, and it is not easy to make mistakes in commute.


If you want to be thin visually, you can try

Neck sweater

While modifying the shoulder and neck lines, you can also wear a necklace that adds exquisiteness.

The white pullover sweater with a black half -body long skirt, simple

Black and white

It is very suitable for work and leisure.

Although going to work is a serious matter, occasionally, it is necessary to catch up with fashion, such as this


Knit sweater, specially put on


It is even more perfect with white pants, and the temperament is stubborn!


Take a closer look, the body, sleeves, necklines of the sweater use different blue, and a row of wooden buttons on the left shoulder is the finishing touch.

In addition to the use of colorful wear of knit sweater,

Same color


The method of matching is simpler. If you want to sleep for a few more minutes in the morning, it is enough to learn this body.

Do not choose too close -fitting styles when choosing a sweater. Keeping some gaps will make you look thinner and more comfortable.

Third, knitted vest

Speaking of essential items in the early spring workplace,


Knitted vest


Sisters who must have a name and will not match, stack the basic model

White shirt

There will be no errors, keep warm and layered.

Causal knitted vest

Whether it is matching



Wide leg pants


They are all OK. Want to show long legs or wide -leg pants.


V -word collar


It can stretch the neck line, and the face is small. Daily stacking white shirts increase the sense of layering. Whether it is tall and thin, the upper body is fashionable.

White knitted vest and black wide -leg pants, combined classic “

“. Wide -leg pants selection



The fabric can look straight and long.



It is also an important part of the workplace wear, this one

Black chain bag

can provide

Skin, shoulder, armpit

The next three ways ~

The young ladies and sisters who are new to the workplace can also pay attention to me. I will share my knowledge every day, and I can also help you answer the problem!

Knit cardigan

As well as


Black and white

Knitted vest

White shirt