Nowadays, the family attaches great importance to cleanliness, and a good vacuum cleaner is very critical. It can help everyone to carry out the removal of dust. Is it good? Today’s finger housekeeper came to highlight several very good brands for everyone.


High -power vacuum cleaner

High -power vacuum cleaner -working principle of high -power vacuum cleaner

The high -power vacuum cleaner is the application of a fan impeller under the speed drive of the motor. The leaves in the impeller continue to work on the air, so that the air in the impeller can obtain kinetic energy, and discharge the fan at a very high rate. In addition, the air in front of the dust in front of the fan is constantly filled with the air in the impeller, causing an instantaneous vacuum in the dust removal part, that is, a very high negative pressure difference between the dust removal part with the external atmospheric pressure in the dust removal part. The waste and floating dust enters the vacuum cleaner with the cyclone, and inside the vacuum cleaner according to the filter, waste and floating dust in the ash storage box, and the air is discharged out of the room after being worried. process.

Ultra -power vacuum cleaner -Midea vacuum cleaner

Midea Electrical Group Co., Ltd. is the top 500 Chinese company. Midea brand is one of the most competitive brands in the world. my country’s well -known trademarks and well -known international brands. Warm welcome, Midea Group Corporation has always maintained physical and mental health, stability, and rapid improvement. In the 1980s, the average growth rate was 60%, and the average growth rate in the 1990s was 50%. From the 21st century to the present, the average annual growth rate exceeded 30%.

Ultra -power vacuum cleaner -Philips Philips

Founded in Spain, Philips is a company with a long history of history. The overall strength is also very strong. Now Philips is the top 500 global brand. It is one of the most useful value brands in the world and is a large multinational company.

High -power vacuum cleaner -Haier haier

Haier Group Corporation is a large group company, a top 200 company in Asia. In China, Haier is a well -known brand. Its products have always been well received by five stars, and it also has a good product market sales. Well, everyone is very trustworthy.


High -power vacuum cleaner -Electrolux Electrolux

The Elex brand was founded in 1919. The development trend is also a long time. The overall strength of the company is also continuously developing and growing. Elex is the top 500 companies in the world. One of the merchants; the market popularization rate of its products is very high.


High -power vacuum cleaner -Sanyo Sanyo

Sanyo Enterprise is a larger group company in Japan. It is a Fortune 500 company in the world. The company’s assets are very deep. It was founded in 1947. There are decades of production history. Sanyo Electric (my country) Co., Ltd. is the Sanyo brand in my country Holders, Sanyo products have strong competitiveness.

The brands of these finger butler this time strongly recommended for everyone are very trusted brands. If everyone must buy applications for high -power vacuums later, they can be carried out among several brands here. Selecting, there is no doubt that it can produce a very good specific application effect to everyone’s family.

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High -power vacuum cleaner