The ground cushion can also be called a paving treasure. It is a new type of lightweight plate that is squeezed by polystyrene resin and other additives. This material is a non -toxic and harmless environmental material. The ground cushion has excellent thermal insulation performance, good moisture resistance, can be used for moisture and dustproof soil, and its durability and compressive resistance are also very good. However, the floor mats will be sinking after a long time. After a long time of use, the floor may cause the floor to deform and damage. Let ’s take a look with the editor.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Di Cushion

1. advantage

地垫宝的优缺点有哪些 铺垫宝有没有毒

1. Insulation performance: In the winter, the heat is blocked from dispersing from the ground, and the loss of air -conditioning from the ground in summer.

2. Anti -humidity and humidity: block the tide of the floor into the floor of the room. Extend the floor life and keep the ground from moisture. You can rest assured that you can sleep on the floor.

3. Long -term resistance: The pressure of 25 tons/㎡ for a long -term pressure will not deform. Can be the same life as the floor.

4, corrosion resistance and mildew and mildness: environmentally friendly materials, non -toxic and harmless, not rotten, mildew, not afraid of insects.

5, sound insulation noise reduction: eliminate the ground murmur and create a quiet space.

6. Simple installation: save costs, you can replace the keel or cement to find the flat layer, and it can be directly laid on the indoor hair floor. For the unevenness of the ground, it can be polished or stepped on the ground with the ground.

2. Disadvantages

1. The floor cushion will be sinking after a long time, and it is relatively troublesome to change. Due to the unevenness of the ground, some of the places are stepped on, and some positions cannot be stepped on for a long time, which will cause the ground to be uneven.

2. Most of the pads are made from recycling plastic, which is reuse from recycling waste resources, which makes its ingredients impure and low material safety.

3. After the use of floor cushions will cause deformation and damage after a long period of use, the inferior pads will be moldy, breed bacteria, and have a heavy plastic flavor, corroded the floor. Great damage.

Is there a poison for paving the cushion?

The ground cushion can also be called the paving treasure, with continuous and uniform and dense surface layers and closed honeycomb structures, and the walls of these honeycomb structures have the same thickness. The pavement treasure is mainly used for composite flooring, because the composite floor does not need to be beating the keel, it is directly paved on the ground. Therefore, the flatness of the ground is directly related to the floor effect of the paved floor.

The ground cushion is a new type of light plate material squeezed by polystyrene resin and other additives. This material is a non -toxic and harmless environmental material. In fact, there are two types of cushion treasures. One is soft materials. Its main function is to wound and dustproof soil, which is equivalent to moisture -proof pads. The other is a blow-shaped foam material, which varies from 1-5 cm. The texture is harder and can be tied to the ground. However, if you want to flatten the floor of the paved wooden floor, it is best to use cement mortar first, and finally lay a layer of paving the treasure to increase its comfortable foot feeling.

Is the ground cushion treasure?

1. The unique smooth -type wire arrangement design, which is tightly hidden in sediment, does not become a source of secondary pollution.

2. Thicked bottom pads, soft and comfortable.

3, durable, anti -squeeze to prevent being flattened after long -term use.

4, good elasticity of the circle, strong ability to shed sand.

5, suction cup pad structure, effectively prevent floor pad movement.

6. The last line of defense has both the dual effects of scratching fine mud and water. It is applicable to sunny and rainy days to ensure that the room is dry and clean.

7. The size of the size of the size is dense, and the small fiber absorbs the moisture, which can be discharged through the large fiber to evaporate, and the drying speed is fast to prevent mold growth.