Cold and cold, there are really a lot of brides who get married in winter. How can I keep warm in winter?


Is 1 piece of shawl? not enough? Then one more!

Nitrogen, wedding Ji wedding community bride@Yun Yun posted for help-




Married in winter, afraid of cold,

I want to wear a shawl but too fat

What should I do?

The shawl is important, but it is more important. It cannot be fat! See the pit that the brides have worn in those years–

@: The friend shot on the day of the wedding.

I just like the bear curled up aside!

Obviously I am a bride!

@小: Do not choose this semi -warm and warm shawl, and you will tower up for no reason while walking. The warmth is not enough. Is it just for beauty? The point is,

Not beautiful, but also very width!

@: I was short, I chose a short shawl. I never thought it was a pit.

Long foil grass makes me feel like a Han

What a painful understanding of the body is cold, how painful, Ji Xiaoxi distressed you in 3 seconds

It is cold in winter, it will freeze to death without wearing a shawl … What should I do if this is swollen?

It’s ok! The warm shawl that keeps warm is really there!

Those brothers who have a good aesthetic wedding have exposed their beautiful and warm wedding shawls–

The cloak long coat turns into the small red hat in the snow

@: The same model of the unintentional mage Li Yue Qi Luo! My wedding hasn’t arrived yet, so I look forward to snow that day, I

Put on this red cloak and sprinkle some wild in the snow, imagine that you are a little red hat that you only take off

If it is not snowing … then I will wait for the snow to wear it! My fairy tale dream ~~~~

@Very blind: The long cloak that has been found for a long time is very thick and warm, and it will not be fat.

There are also Chinese elements embroidered on the cloak

, It’s only 100 yuan for 100 yuan. I put it in the middle of the calf at 160 and give me the sisters for reference ~


Short wool fur jacket is the thinnest

@: The cape model wedding dress is getting more and more common recently. I am worried that the cloak is too thin and not warm. I just bought a cloak shawl by myself.

The disadvantages of covering my shoulders


, The quality is not to say, the hair is soft and smooth

@喵: For the first time, I saw the lace matching match, fried chicken heart water, this cloak is completely given

A beautiful opportunity to get married in winter



@小: Tell the sisters a trick, do not buy long fur grass, it will really become bear, but



It’s much better,

Try to reveal the clavicle

, Will not show strong, will be invincible and thinner

@の : の 我: I bought a lot of small coats in a certain treasure and retired a lot, try to find out, sisters


Don’t pick the cuffs with big wool collar also have the style of hairy collar


, Cumbersome and not dignified

The most thoughtful of coat -type shawl covering meat

@Meiya: The shawl of the camouflage coat, like a coat and does not want a coat, is mainly connected in the position of the sleeve, it looks warm, too

Don’t worry about the embarrassing phenomenon that the wedding will fall to the ground during the operation of the wedding

@En peng: Why do weddings shawl be pure white? Simple items like stripes are classic and versatile.

The design of the bat sleeve completely covers the flesh of the arm!

Don’t worry about long -sleeved wedding dresses to show your arm fat ~ Red

@袋 口 一: My wedding is like Olivia,

Wear beige sweater

The following is a half skirt. Of course, I did a lot of ideological work with my parents before I agreed to wear this way


Checked shawl concave shape essential

@: I bought a plaid shawl of Uniqlo, and the concave shape should not be too much when shooting the outside.


It seems that the big blanket shape is very windy to look at the back

@: The shawls that can be worn on both sides! Taking out the scene is relying on this shawl. There are two big pockets in the shawl thick.


Handle pockets and concave shapes

Then, in turn, the pattern of the grid, and the new scenery


@All the style is him: How can a simple wedding shawl satisfied my unruly heart? Coloring irregular geometric patterns with wedding dresses, just thinking about it, there is another style, complicated and concise coexistence, so that I am still struggling with national style or cold. I found the balance between the two.

Oh, all kinds of shawls are thin and careful, as well as long cloaks against the sky …

There should be the outline of the shawl in your mind ~


[There is no clue for marriage? .


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