In recent years, gender -free wear has become a popular. The loose and casual neutral wind is not only comfortable, but also the thin street feeling is also very trendy. It has become the new favorite of many female stars.

Yang Yanlin’s latest outlet is full of tide, shorts+sweaters+cotton and horse armor are thin and stacked. Although the exposed legs are a bit cool, the sweet and neutral wind is suitable for spring.

The neutral style is well understood, that is, to avoid excessive femininity and add gender -vague items in the style.

Such dresses

There is both a sense of fashion on the street, but also a bit more refreshing and casual than a simple sweet temperament.

, Absolutely necessary for cool girl. Yang Yanlin’s group of airport private server, simple basic models are very uniform, more handsome than her husband Li Ronghao.

Overview of this article:

1. Style analysis


2. The wearing skills worth learning from

3. Inspiration/style extension

1. Model analysis:

Loose and casual neutral style, thin, moisture and practical

There are also many types of neutral wind, such as suits, coats with dew, and stomach costumes will be more handsome and hot. But it is not practical to pick people in reality. In contrast, Yang Yanlin’s loose and simple neutral style is more cute and daily.


The looseness is not only covered with meat, but also the comfort is also very good. The focus is on the basic model. As long as you stack it wonderful enough, you can easily wear the moisture on the street.


Second, it is worthy of reference to wear skills:

Rich and more fashionable levels


Yang Yanlin has been a half -fashion blogger in recent years. Not only often share wearing, the route is also fashionable and girlish. This set of matching is very bright.

The white T -shirt inside the sweater is not only to keep warm, but it is a small white -collar worker. It is a small detail of the small white -collar workers. It is a loose cotton vest. The three -layer details and layers of the hooded sweater and the inner and outer inner and outer are rich. The sense of moisture requires these details.

Loose and stacked, appropriate exposed legs are thinner and thinner

If the upper body stacked is very loose, the lower body should be as exposed or exposed to the ankle as possible, and the effect of thinness is better.

Yang Yanlin sweater, vests, and shorts are loose, and more

Need to show thin legs to highlight the thinness

Essence If you want to keep warm, do not recommend tight leg pants. The sense of fashion will be greatly reduced. It is recommended to stack the straight skirt under the straight tube, which will be more fashionable and thin.


Third, inspiration/style extension:

Suit+shorts to create a neutral style, more high -level

Loose tops+medium -length shorts are also recommended by neutral style.

Essence Yang Yanlin’s group of shape is black and only brightened with white T, and he is more advanced and small. Compared to the previous set of thick stacks, it is more suitable for the warm weather to be sweet and sweet.

The suits are handsome, more authentic than sweater vests. This group is more sexy and stronger,

Yang Yanlin uses cool black socks and black shoes to make a short hair. The whole person’s aura will be even more sweet, naturally less sweet and cute, and the randomness of the streets.

T -shirt+knitted vest+jeans, the basic models are also very trendy

The more refreshing daily casual wind stacked, simple white T -shirts, knitted vests, and high -waisted mop jeans can be created.


T -shirts and vests are compared with color. Blue jeans are rich in colors, and they can get Yang Yanlin in the same model when you step on double canvas shoes. If there is a short hair, the sweet flavor will be stronger.


This kind of combination is also easy to stack. If you do n’t have too exaggerated sweaters, you can take into account the practicality of spring.

Including a T -shirt inner, long -sleeved short sleeves can also be replaced casually. As long as the single product style is simple but very loose or tight, it can be worn casually and age -reducing.

Leisure wind+sweet elements, girls are vivid

Want to have a sense of sweetness and vitality, add skirt and vitality elements. It is also a loose white T -shirt with a split -long skirt.


But try to stack the vest or jacket as much as possible.

In terms of accessories, hats, stockings, earrings, and exquisite small bags are elements of rich details. They are carefully embellished in each set of Yang Yilin, and must not be ignored.




Wave dot and coffee color

It also adds vitality to wear, and is worthy of reference in the basic color matching.

Fashion TIPS Summary:

1. Neutral wind is not only popular nowadays, but also the reason for street tide and practicality and comfort. It is also the reason for being sought after. It is recommended to try in spring.

2. Yang Yanlin’s sweater+vest+shorts stacked. The layers are rich in single products and foundation. Appropriate exposed legs are also thinner, and accessories such as socks, hats, etc. have enriched the details.


3. In the extension of wearing, Yang Yanlin’s three sets of stacks are very simple foundation. Different styles of characteristics are good to choose.

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