Hongcheng Building

Lihua Shopping Plaza Qiuhan and Autumn Costumes “Folding” clothes love, only, Vore Moda 5 times points in the audience

Activity time: 2014.10.24-10.26

Participate in products: down jackets, cashmere sweater, shoe bags, girls, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, men’s clothing, casual clothing, bedding, cosmetics, clocks, and jade.

【Lihua Shopping Plaza】

1F: Magnolia oil over 200 minus 40 hundreds of thoughts to buy 169 yuan, 199 yuan, 239 yuan

Kisscat’s anti-seasonal hot selling 1-3 % off Belle one pairs of 30 yuan and two doubles minus 78 yuan

Tianmeiyi bag starts from 80 yuan to women’s shoes from 99 yuan men’s shoes starting from 199 yuan

Bayidori starts 99 yuan from 158 yuan from Henry G Gran from 158 yuan

Red Dragonfly 159 Full Yuan Bo Kang 190 from the end of the audience

Princess Forest starts at 50 yuan from Rich Bird from 128 yuan

The camel from 50 yuan from Denielson from 49 yuan

Bulltitan drops to the bottom to 49 yuan, and special offer clearance 79, 99, 119, 159, 228, 288 yuan

Monte Jiao Bag starts from 120 yuan men’s shoes from 198 yuan

Jinli Lai 298 yuan from 298 yuan from 298 yuan

Issi Q 40 % off the audience, 119 yuan Daphne 40 % off the audience

Crescent -to -single shoes from half -price Kangli starting from 99 yuan

Da Da Da-da’s 3-5 % off season will sell wool sweaters and T-shirts from 89 yuan, jackets 120-190 yuan, 120 yuan in west, 120 yuan of trousers, 200 yuan for casual pants, three 90 yuan per piece, one piece

Katakide’s 30 % off Linsen business casual shoe special sale of 50 yuan 80 yuan 120 yuan 160 yuan

2F: La Xia series starts at 3.8 %, the peace bird is 3.5 % off, ESPRIT is 1. % off

3F: Start of Zorme, Mirandon starts at 100 yuan, Mulan starts at 180 yuan, Ordos starts at 3.8 %, and Herndus is 3.5 % off.

Palanot vest 15 yuan, thin thread sweater 79 yuan Duocai from 19 yuan

Arctic velvet underwear starts at 15 yuan from Xuezhou from 99 yuan

Starting at 59 yuan from 59 yuan, the audience starts from 280 yuan

Jinju from 69 yuan from Ensa Home Textiles from 10 yuan

Duck-duck down jacket 99 yuan-299 yuan starts from 79 yuan

The entire audience starts from 98 yuan to the sunflower card from 99 yuan

Wuzhou. From 168 yuan in the audience, Zormei will start 120

Carnis from 139 yuan from 139 yuan from 15 yuan

Boshiban underwear from 39 yuan from 39 yuan summer clothing 2.5 % off 88 yuan

Jacobaco’s 40 % off 58 yuan starts at 1.8 % off the audience

The original price of the old man’s shoes was 498 yuan, the current price of 148 yuan Lagogo starts from 30 % off the audience

Aeg’s 50 % off the audience raised 1.5 % off the audience

Honeys 50 % off Manager women’s bag starts from 88 yuan

Australian Poetry 99 yuan from 99 yuan to La Xiabel’s 3.8 % off the audience

Two of Zhenvis 40 % off True Love Confession, 50 % off the audience

Emmei 2 % off the audience from 59 yuan in the audience

CC & DD’s two pieces of 6-8 % off St. Dior from 199 yuan

Fannie at a fold of CC & DD special sales will be 30 % off the audience

4F: From 180 yuan in Jiu Mu King, starting from 128 yuan from San West, starting from 89 yuan, Adidas starts from 81 yuan

5F: From 45 yuan in Annar, starting from 36 yuan in Haierson, from 45 yuan in Fuli Real Gold, I love 39 yuan more than 39 yuan


Activity: 5 times the new points of clothing products are equivalent to 50 % off

1F: Starting from 99 yuan, Senda, Senda, Aangkang starts from 80 yuan, Jinli is coming from 50 yuan

3F: From 50 yuan in La Xia series, I Ge bought one get one free after 2.5 % off, Mrs. Fu starts from 68 yuan, Tayina and Shiyan start from 120 yuan, Palan Duo starts from 79 yuan, Hailun and Anner are 100 yuan starting from 100 yuan from 100 yuan

4F: From 100 yuan to reported birds, starting 78 yuan in Hailan House, starting 150 yuan from Jiu Mu, starting from 128 yuan from Saint West, starting from 158 yuan in Lilang, from 180 yuan from Ordos

Full gifts: Participate in products: down jackets, cashmere sweaters, shoe bags, girls, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, underwear, men’s clothing, casual clothing, bedding

Lihua: One of the cumulative 300-599 yuan on the day was given a hand-printed handkerchief paper; the cumulative 600-899 yuan on that day sent the heart-to-heart to printed and soft pump (three packaging); /Heart -shaped box draws four boxes (Hongcheng); the cumulative over 1,200 yuan will be sent to the heart phase printed box pump (6 boxes) 1 mention that day.


【Zhongshan Road Store】

About 2 % off the audience

Black cats spent 48 yuan on a single consumption from 10.22 to November 4, and replaced it in great value. One dollar to buy Master Kang Green Tea 500+100 ml, a group of black rice eight treasure porridge for 6 yuan, a group of 12 yuan for Li Bai laundry liquid, 20 yuan to buy Lefu to pump 12 packages, 39 yuan to buy 500ml insulation cup One.

One yuan member replacement

10.25-10.26 Member consumption of 128 yuan, one yuan for one yuan to buy Huanhuang hardcover paper 10 volumes, 1 yuan for 10 eggs for one box, one yuan for fashion cotton drag a pair of pairs

Washing Carnival Chinese Gift Grand Delivery

10.22-11.4 Single-secret consumer washing goods over 88 yuan to send Qingfeng handkerchief paper

Free brand carnival

10.22-11.4 Single-secret purchase of Runzhijia simplicity combination of positive price products

Send a group of 8 plastic hanger for a simple combination of a simple combination, and a piece of bamboo paste for more than 68 yuan

International Famous Week Theme Illustration Meeting

Activity: 10.22-10.26 The audience is 20 % off, MaxMara, Calvin Klein Max & CO Famous Products

【Fortune Store】

Fortune Plaza “Fourth International Products Famous Week” invites you to share the fashion part of the autumn clothes

Activity time: 10.24-10.26

Winter clothes are listed, and the autumn outfits are available for 200A gift vouchers; popular products over 2000 (noble goods over 4000) will send 200 yuan department store gift coupons; inlaid jewelry, watches, accessories over 5,000 yuan for 300 yuan department store gift coupons; VIP maximum enjoy 16 times points points points points points points points for 16 times points. Essence

From now on, pay attention to the official WeChat of Wealth Plaza to get 1,000 yuan points for free

Nanchang Plaza Department Store Building

1F: Belle: New models 5.6 % off; Sigatu: 50 % off the old model, 40 % off the new model;

Tianmeiyi: The new model is 5.6 % off, and the winter models are 6.4 % off;

Thousands of Baidu: 50 % off for the new model; Hason: The new model is 6.5 % off;

Kissing cat: 4 % off the new model

2F: Bodypops: 50 % off; ROEM: 50 % off;

ENC: 50 % off; new product AOJO: buy a frame for free with 1.6 non -spherical lenses;

Broadcast: Part 200 minus 80

3F: EBLIN: 50 % off autumn models, Nanchang Plaza Department Store 4th Floor

Fort: 20 % off some new products, part of the special offer; Pogisini: 20 % off the new product, some special offer 3.5 % off;

Victoria: Partial special price of 40 % off; Wisconsin: 10 % off some new products;

Wili: 20 % off some new products; Shachi bag: part of 20 % off;

Doctoral bag: Partial 3-6 % off; BOSS shoes: 10 % off new products, part of the special offer;

Parkson Department Store

【Hengmao Store】

I. Chao Tong’s fashion brand clothing love children’s clothing from now until October 27th, Parkson Hengmao Dream Times Store 1F for 3-5 % off.

2. “Charming Men’s Day”

From now on, men’s products start from 500, and popular products will get 150 men’s gift vouchers over 1000, and 10 times more points for men’s products and some women’s clothing; men’s cosmetics 10 times the points, purchase 500 and give 100 men’s gift coupons; Send 300 men’s gift vouchers; members exclusively enjoy the points, and choose more than a hundred gifts! In addition, you can also send coffee coupons and Hong Kong and Macao dual vouchers when you are shopping at 1,000!

B1F: Annar, MTT, Hywell, Pig Banner, Fashion Little Fish, Snoopy, Bacola, Audi Tong Play and other brand businesses 100 Dangdang 160

1F: Belle, Tianmeiyi, Baisu, Senda, TATA, Qianba, Aokang, Hason women’s shoes and other brand autumn men’s and women’s shoes 50 % off card

2F: 40 % off for some products of Tene Weene men’s and women’s clothing; Makwarfer Junshi will get 300 yuan for 799 yuan; Vans over 100 get 160

3F: Lagogo/EB.N, 50 % off some products in Yiyi; 20 % discount on Fiami; 40 % off UGIZ women’s clothing part

4F: Fifty-6 % off at halftime; Hermans 100 as 200; Zhenbei Cashmere, Chunzhu 100 as 160, 100 as 200; Hason 50 % off cards, Nuo Shilan 100; Change the card; Monte Jiao’s new product is 40 % off, 100 as 160; a 50 % discount on the Baili Autumn

5F: Baili Men’s Shoes, Hasen Men’s Shoes 100 Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang Dang; Youngor, Golden Lai, Jiu Muck, Goodluck, Bossunwen, Ordos Men’s Clothing 100

3. Parkson WeChat service number is officially launched! Pay attention to and bind the membership card immediately, and enjoy 5 times the points with a consumer ticket!

Fourth, 10.21-10.30, follow the official WeChat binding stores and membership cards of Parkson, you can receive electronic red envelopes 100%, and there will be iPad mini daily;

5. From now until October 31st, the 3rd Floor of Parkson Hengmao Dream Shop is 40 % off on the audience.

I. Dikoni Middle Hall shows a 10 % off in autumn. In the last two days, welcome to buy on the first floor of Parkson Zhongshan Store!

2. From the next day, men’s products start from 500, and popular products will get 150 men’s gift coupons over 1000, and 10 times the men’s products and some women’s cloth Send 300 men’s gift vouchers over 5000; members exclusively enjoy the points, and choose more than a hundred gifts! In addition, you can also send coffee coupons and Hong Kong and Macao dual vouchers when you are shopping at 1,000!

Tianhong Shopping Mall

【Zhongshan Road】

10.17-10.27 Latham Bell’s “fake”! Spring and autumn and winter models 3-3.8 % off discounts!

【Zhongshan Road Store】