As the saying goes, look at people first look at shoes.

Even abroad has such a saying: Expensive Shoes, Uniqlo Everything, which means that as long as your shoes are dazzling, the rest is not important.

Most people think that by observing shoes, you can understand the taste of a person most intuitive.

Why do you say that?

Because don’t look at the inconspicuous shoes, but in terms of style selection, color selection, maintenance status, and even socks, there are a lot of attention to wearing shoes.


When going out, choosing a pair of good shoes suitable for you, definitely the previous addition.


For men, choosing a pair of good shoes is even more important.

This is because compared to women, men’s choices in clothing matching and makeup dressing are much less. Therefore, the bonus effect brought by a pair of good shoes is even more obvious.

Below, the editors recommend several shoes for men to wear in winter.

The first: Gao Gang Martin Boots

Martin boots are a classic style leather boots. At the beginning of birth, a doctor used to restore patients’ injuries. Later, due to the simple production method and unique style, it became one of the favorite shoes styles of young people.

Martin’s boots are prominent. Compared to leather shoes, it is much better, which can effectively prevent foot odor.

Moreover, Martin boots also have a street punk style, which will show an amazing charm when pairing with jeans.

Second paragraph: lace

This shoe is more extensive than the previous one. Whether you are a small fresh meat or old fresh meat, wearing such a shoe with the right pantyhose will not make an error.

Moreover, lace -up casual shoes look very fresh, and it is far more stylish after on the foot.

Third paragraph: Bullet head men’s sneakers

When going out to play, sports shoes are often the best choice for some men.

Comfortable, worry -free, and not picking clothes.

However, sneakers wear more, always give people an old -fashioned feeling, and most of the styles are similar, it is inevitable that there will be some rustic.


Therefore, the bullet version of the sports shoes has become a good alternative.

The unique design and dynamic style, while giving people a comfortable experience, without losing fashion, you can try it.


Fourth paragraph: tooling shoes

As the name implies, the shoes were originally worn by workers. Because of the needs of work, work shoes are often heavy and strong.


In the United States, it is especially loved by street black people.

The workpiece boots can not help people reflect a tough temperament, and due to its heavy texture, high -top design, the thermal insulation effect of work shoes is also outstanding.

Fifth paragraph: add velvet leather shoes

Speaking of men’s shoes, I have to mention leather shoes.

However, the temperature in winter is relatively low. In order to take into account the breathability, traditional leather shoes often do not heat up.

But it doesn’t matter, adding velvet shoes came into being.


Plel leather shoes are similar to ordinary leather shoes, but in order to keep warm, a layer of velvet is added inside the shoes. It is very suitable for men who often wear formal clothes.

Wearing suits and other shoes is often uncomfortable. Wearing velvet shoes can avoid this trouble. While keeping warm, you can also show your perfect dress.