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In recent years, the muffin market has fluctuated greatly, especially last year, affected by many factors such as the weather, the price of daylily has encountered “Waterloo”, and some places even have the phenomenon of “destroying vegetables” in the masses. However, when the daylily is generally not optimistic, the Fuping family farm has expanded the planting area of ​​the daylily, and through a series of measures, it not only makes the sales of daylily easier, but also sell it. Good price. Recently, the reporter came to Fuping County Garden Family Farm to explore the secret of opening a new heavenly earth with a plate of muff to a tablet.

The person in charge of Fuping County Field Family Farm was called Li Baojiang. In the past, it was mainly engaged in hydropower business. In 2007, it began to contracted scattered land that villagers were unwilling to cultivate and developed seedling greening. After a few years, I found that the benefits were good, so Li Baojiang launched the surrounding villagers to plant green seedlings and let everyone taste the sweetness. In 2016, Li Baojiang organized the establishment of Fuping County Field Farm Farm, which was 700 yuan per acre and more than 100 acres of land in the village. However, the price of green seedlings that year fell down, but Li Baojiang could not bear to watch the land that had just been trapped. After comprehensive inspections of soil quality, climate requirements, and market conditions, he decided to introduce riggle from Dali County. A total of 30 acres were planted to develop it as an important pillar industry on the family farm.

Since 2018, the price of daylily has been relatively stable for many years. But by 2020, the price of daylily has reached a new low in three years. It is a pity that it is not enough for labor, and it is a pity not to pick it in the ground. Under the influence of the market environment, some vegetable farmers did not hesitate to plow for many years. According to Li Baojiang, although the yellow cauliflower he planted was inevitably affected by market fluctuations, this impact was almost neglected for him. What was the reason?

It turned out that when Li Baojiang was planted, he took into account the sales of daylily when he planted it, and put down the industrial structure of the integrated development of the three industries in advance. First of all, Li Baojiang opened a restaurant near the family farm. When the yield production is relatively low, the restaurant basically “digestion” the daylobe produced in the Li Baojiang family farm, and sometimes it is necessary to purchase some from the surrounding villagers. At the same time, the noodles and miscellaneous grains produced by local villagers have also become an important source of hotel ingredients.

一盘黄花菜 打开新天地

Secondly, Li Baojiang actively guided the surrounding villagers to plant muffin on the basis of planting 30 acres of lily in the farm. While pure natural drying, the vacuum packaging and cold storage fresh daylily are performed, which solves the limitations of selling fresh linsea time, and enables fresh lily to go to the dining table all year round.

Again, Li Baojiang’s practice and way of innovating muffin. Traditional concepts believe that fresh daylily cannot be eaten directly. It must be eaten after steaming, otherwise “poisoning”. However, after repeated experiments, Li Baojiang allowed freshly eaten lily on the people’s dining table. It is frozen through the cold storage of the picking, remove the water before eating, and then season it. “Since the launch of this dish in 2017, it has been very popular with the masses. At that time, I was afraid that everyone did not recognize it. They all went to the store to send a plate of daylily. Later, everyone slowly accepted this dish, and many people came to take the initiative. You can sell dozens of plates a day. “Li Baojiang said,” This year’s muffin price can be said to be the best in a few years. The earliest wet vegetables can be sold to about 3.5 yuan, and the supply should be in short. The dishes are mainly self -use, and the amount of export is still limited. Therefore, we are preparing to expand dozens of acres of yellow cauliflower this year, increase production, and expand the market. “

The integration and development of the first, two, and three industries can not only effectively increase the added value of agricultural products, but also a important direction for future family farms. Therefore, for a long time, Li Baojiang has paid great attention to making articles in the integration of three industries. On the one hand, he relied on family farms to vigorously develop industries such as muffing processing and persimmon processing. At the same time, he acquired various types of agricultural special products of surrounding villagers and sold through the Internet. He told reporters that in the future, he is going to try to develop selenium -enrichment, hoping to enhance the added value of daylily and seize market pricing power. On the other hand, based on the existing restaurants, with various types of agricultural special products as the original ingredients, it has made it into a complex that integrates product display, product sales, and product tasting. At the same time, he also cooperated with many local schools and educational institutions to strive to make the family farm of Tianyuan Garden into an agricultural research base.

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