To judge the attitude of men’s life, it is enough to see his bag.

Modern men have already got rid of the old concept of “bags are containers”. Bags are not just carried tools, but also can also reflect your taste, aesthetics and life interest.


Many businesses have also recognized the market for men’s backpacks, but looking at at home and abroad, there are very few truly good men’s backpack brands. If they add the condition of “good quality and low price”, it is even more difficult to choose.

Kim Shengs is a domestic brand focusing on high -tech bag products. It is good at applying new technology in backpacks. It makes Golden Saint’s production technology bags and the global markets nationwide.

Kim Shengs once launched a anti -theft and anti -cut package, which sold 30 million items by a single product!

According to Fu Kangfeng, the brand operating manager and product manager of Kim Shengs, the Kim Shengs United Industrial Design Team, and the American designer team, jointly designed and developed this backpack, and crowdfunded at the first phase of the CICKSTARTER crowdfunding platform in the United States!


After the crowdfunding detonation, enter the self -media distribution channel. Now it has entered the global distribution stage. A single package, plus the business of the distributor, a single product has been almost 30 million!

In addition, Kim Shengs is in place for intellectual property rights and patents. At present, it already has 1 invention patent, 17 practical new patents, more than 200 appearance patents, and 6 overseas patents!

Looking at it this way, Jin Shengs is indeed a leader in the domestic luggage brand. The business series of backpacks brought today is enough to be portable, ultra -large, durable, and stylish on the upper body!

The point is that the cost performance is super high!

The surface uses a strong waterproof fabric, and repeated crushing will not collapse. Whether it is the appearance or connotation, it reveals a personality of a business person.


Ultra -large capacity design, can be “transformed”

Not only the capacity is large, it is “a piece of paper” when it is flattened. It can be called a “Transformers” package. When there is a lot of things, you can put it in in one breath.

After pulling up the zipper, you can “transform” into a complete, wide and stylish backpack.


There are 15.6 -inch laptops and 11 -inch tablets.


It can accommodate up to 13+ items at the same time. Whether it is daily commuting or short -distance business trip, it can be satisfied.


Scientific storage partition, items can be used at hand

After designing the scientific partition storage, even those who are not proficient in storage can be organized.

What do you want to get? How to get it? It’s clear at a glance!

There are convenient small pockets on the top.


The situation in front of the client is busy, and it will never happen again.

Light attributes can make you “easy to fight” without burden.

Preventive and waterproof, elastic shell, upper body upright

Immediately until the rainy season, the splashed fabric of the Golden Shengs Backpack is not only waterproof, but also anti -staining, allowing you to be decent anytime, anywhere.


Elastic shell design can protect files and equipment security.

Not only is the appearance and super high performance, it is indeed Golden Shengs, which is more than 20 years of luggage history.

When you go out and go shopping, you are the most beautiful babies on the street.


Business travel can also be used with luggage.

It can be installed in the suitcase, and it can be used with a suitcase. A stable one -stop service ~

“Big mouth” black technology chest bag, farewell to repeatedly find

Although the conventional chest bag is light and convenient, the opening is too small, and it is inconvenient to get items.

For example, Xiaobian once lined up in the amusement park, but after two or three minutes in public, I did not take out the ticket …

However, Kim Shengs’s commuting chest bag is not the same. Considering the big size of men, a “lion opening” design is directly designed.

As soon as it is pulled to the end, almost 1/2 of the space is exposed to the field of vision, and it will be done for a few seconds to find things!


Although the chest bag seems to be a mini, the capacity is still the same, and the daily accompanying items can be easily accommodated.


You can install a 11 -inch tablet, which is spacious enough.

The weight of only 0.45kg has no burden on the back.

Switch left and right shoulder.


Of course, the upper body is also handsome! Boys are added by it!

Backpack, chest bag


Two specifications optional

The 19L capacity is light and multi -storage travel backpacks, waterproof and pollution -proof can also be used with suitcases.

16*28*48cm, suitable for short -distance travel and temporary business trips, which is more convenient than 20 -inch luggage.

1/2 open chest bag, “easy to use for the treasure sac”, a good helper for tourism and commuting.


10*18.5*32cm, 5.1L is suitable for daily commuting and shopping.

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King Shengs Kingsons Fashion Trend Backpack


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