How to match boots and boots in winter? This should be a problem that every girl is thinking. The most common items in winter are boots. Whether it is boots or short boots, they can match girls’ personality and style, or mature or young. There is always one. The style is attracting you to keep approaching.


Winter girls must arrange a pair of boots for themselves, but long boots are super aura! Black over -the -knee long leather boots are matched with strong aura and unique personality of girls. Leather boots and slim jeans are dressed in winter.


The top with a short sweater is soft and comfortable, and it is very warm in winter. Outside is a long coffee color coat, walking with wind, first -class aura, hurry up to arrange a pair of long boots in winter!

In fact, small girls can also be paired with boots. They will visually extend the proportion of girls’ legs to a certain extent. The length of the black leather boots is about the position of the knee, which is also simple and very thin. Leg pants, wearing girl’s slim long legs.


The top with a loose black down jacket, loose and slim -fitting, is one of the choices of most women in winter, and it is also a super thin and individual style in winter ~?


Cortic fabric boots are typical winter shoes, and the aura of leather boots is very powerful. For many girls with thick calf, they are also particularly friendly. They can modify their calves, modify the perfect leg shape, and wear a perfect figure.

Leather boots should be matched with slim pants. The top is matched with a high -necked bottom shirt, and a gray -green double -breasted thick coat is worn outside.

In addition to the black boots look good and versatile, there are also very popular white boots. White boots are a pointed design, which is very temperament, and white boots are also very versatile. Main gray straight jeans and pink orange bottoming shirts inside the top, comfortable and gentle.

The outside is a beige lamb hair jacket, soft and comfortable, and the furry feel makes girls warm from outside to the inside. This kind of dress looks more infectious in winter.

In fact, there are many styles of boots. The style of this set of dresses is extremely handsome. Gray jeans with black boots and coordinated colors, both handsome and casual.

The top is wearing a thin bottoming shirt, and the outside is also a leather lamb hairy jacket, and it is a beige fluff inside. There is a dark coffee cortex outside, full of coolness, is it full of unlimited imagination to be a cool girl in winter?

In addition to boots, short boots are also good -looking. The length is roughly covered with girls ‘ankles. It is suitable for girls to match nine -point trousers and seamlessly connect with short boots. This also ensures the warmth of girls to wear, and wearing girls’ thin legs.

The knitted sweaters and mid -length down jackets with tops, super warm wear, also wearing girls’ good figure proportions.


The short -tube Martin boots are also super cool to wear, and it is very suitable for that loose and casual style. Gray sports pants are a very loose version. The trousers are put away, and the combination of Martin boots is more handsome and sunny.

The top of the shirt is covered with a white bottoming shirt and a black lamb wool fur jacket on the outside. It is very individual. It is also particularly trendy when going out of the street. It is also very personal.


Compared to a full -scale dressing, this set of highlights is the elegance of mature women. It seems that girls are very intellectual and have a sense of workplace.


The thin stovepipe pants are very slim, suitable for girls with beautiful legs, tops with suit jackets and Tibetan blue trench coats, super sufficient aura, short boots are both intellectual and handsome.