When renovating a new house, I planned to put the washing machine on the balcony, but I found that the sewage pipe reserved by Hefei developers was very fine, about 5 cm. It’s bad, so someone was found to use the water to return to the water on the Internet. I don’t know if it is really effective. Check the information decisively, pretend!

The floor drain is a connection that discharges sewage to the sewer pipe to maintain the interior sanitary environment. The anti -water return floor drain is one of them. It mainly includes the water outlet, block, diameter pipe, and anti -countermeasures. The structure is simple and convenient to use. When the pipeline is blocked, it can effectively prevent the return of dirty water from returning water to water. Essence

However, its style is different, and the effect of anti -water return will be different.

For example, the worst water -proof cup water sealing floor drain, although the price is cheap, it is easy to block, slow water, and non -deodorant. Because it is a water -sealing part of the raised part of the lid’s back and the floor drain, the water seal is very shallow, and it is only about half centimeters effective. Once the toilet is rushed upstairs, the positive and negative pressure in the tube will destroy the water in the water seal.


The anti -water return effect is slightly good for spring floor drain and flip floor drain. There are many styles, but there is a certain distance from deodorant, not blocking, and a short service life. They are opened when they use gravity to water, and they will be closed when there is no water. It looks like there is a measure of deodorization. In fact, it is not.


The porous deep -water sealing land leaks and anti -water is the best, and the anti -deodorization is also good, but the water is slow, and it is easy to block in the home. Everyone must open the ground leakage after taking a bath. It is a bit annoying. Although it uses porous water outlets, the developer left the pipeline only 5 cm, and the diameter of these floor drain was about 3.5 cm to 3.8 cm, which effectively blocked the advantages of porous drainage.


Anti -return water leaks really exist, but how to choose a anti -watering floor drain suitable for you depends on the situation of various factors such as water pipes and location.

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