What is the NFC card?

The NFC card is a smart card made of NFC chips, coils, PVC (PET, TESLI) materials, and the card making materials are non -toxic and tasteless, high waterproof, no color, and protect the baby’s skin and baby’s vision.

What is NFC

NFC (Near Field Communication) is evolved from non -contact radio frequency recognition (RFID) and interoperability interoperability technology. By integrating sensors, inductive cards, and point -to -point communication functions on a single chip. Simply put, data exchange is used when the two objects approach.

当早教机遇上NFC卡 为启蒙教育开创新玩法

Early education opportunities to NFC card


当早教机遇上NFC卡 为启蒙教育开创新玩法

Early education machine is an educational electronic product that specializes in early education for children to promote children’s learning interest, and NFC cards are equivalent to store data like a U disk. Early education machines also have to support the NFC function. Functional early education machine, the machine will play the corresponding instructions. Based on the huge storage capacity of the early education machine NFC card, the NFC card can have pictures of different scenes: reading, exercise, sleeping, eating, and so on.

Why choose the early education machine NFC card?

Early education machine NFC card is made of environmentally friendly materials, which does not hurt children’s skin.

Early education machine NFC card operation is very simple. You only need to insert the early education machine NFC card into the early education machine to read it, so that it is convenient for young children to operate.

The shape of the early education machine NFC card can be designed to be diverse, which can be made into different shapes, providing baby’s interest and autonomous ability.