When we evaluate a flower artist,


The bouquet water is flat into the first criterion.

A perfect bouquet production not only has a unified aesthetic standard, but also requires innovation.

If you want to break through the rounded surface and layered packaging, and pursue higher commercial standards and artistic ornamental, maybe you should see such French bouquets and hands.


The traditional French elegant and immortal, as well as the creative bouquet of material innovation, can best represent the excellent aesthetics of modern French.




The texture of the work is equal to the soul


Under the same color and styling, the addition of texture is the fastest way to mobilize the senses.


You must master the “stunts” of the bouquet and hand directly from 2D to 4D version. You must master it.


Hand -holding flowers are the closest flower art art. Different shapes, colors, and textures will bring people different impressions and feelings.


We are all familiar with the general bouquets of hands. It looks beautiful and smells. It is good to mobilize the two senses. But if your goal is not just the urgent look, how to reflect the “design” and “high -level sense” of the bouquets, the reflection of the texture will become particularly important.

Add fluffy plants to create a sense of hazy romance.



Capture Volkswagen’s attention with art aesthetics.

The niche of art can be used to adjust the aesthetic fatigue of consumers.

Art is the most consistent marketing method that is most consistent with the psychology of consumers.

The diverse art is not only the source of inspiration for creation, but if the art is always born for self, the road to survival will become narrower and narrower; if the business is always unchanged, boring will kill the audience’s enthusiasm.


Only the influence of art and business is healthy and lively.

Hands that combine various materials and colors are already the category of art.


Technology is the shortcut to success.

A Frenchman with 20 years of flower art said:

The secret of success is only two words -hard work.

Students who have taken the Frédéric class know that Yan Shi is one of his labels. When others praised him with a high -level aesthetics and the ability to create beauty, Frédéric said that only continuous efforts are a shortcut for success.

“Extraordinary patience, solid foundation, and continuous accumulation can achieve the master’s name.” This sentence is used to describe Frédéric. The premise of exerting modern flowers to the extreme is a thorough understanding of flower art and a solid basic skills.

Discuss the importance of innovation and transcendence with students.


The designer must not only have the ability to perceive, imagine and constitutes the ability of the work in the design, and master the design of flower art, but also to innovate on this basis. It is a criterion for the excellent flower designer.


The flower artist who has the two titles of “French Best Specialty” and “French floral champion” at the same time said: You are not talented and hardworking.


Achieve the dream of Master Flower Art, what are you waiting for?

2022 French flower art master Frédéric Dupré teaching plan


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| Basic Course

November 27, 2021 to December 13

December 18, 2021-January 03, Shanghai


January 03, 2021 to Beijing

| Flower Art Cubs Composition and Physical Performance


December 11, 2021 to December 15

| Visual density and transparent design


January 17, 2021 to January 20, Beijing

| Contemporary flower bouquet and hand -bouquet training course

January 23, 2021 to January 25th, Beijing

Private Consultation Course, enjoy surprise discount!


1/ course highlight

20+ high -quality flower bouquets and hand -holding single products demonstration explanations

Support the expression of each design with theoretical foundation

The construction of three -dimensional flower art view of color, form, and texture

Learn multi -use method of natural materials and artificial materials

2/ mentor advantage

Frédéric from France is a real flower artist. Each student he has taught can see a full progress in the profession of floral art.

His grasp of color and work form is amazing. In view of this, we deliberately offer a special course and holding special courses. One is to hope that Chinese floral artists can train the top Western floral professional content, and the other hopes that they can develop a new territory in the field of floral retail with their professional knowledge. Essence

3/ course module

Bouncing and bouquets are widely used in space decoration, desktop decoration, flowers gifts, and weddings. How to make people really impress, how to make your bouquets and hands really different, how to greatly increase the added value of this type of design, how to make the design give people positive emotions and convey proper emotions, how to use different uses different ones, how to use different ones different ones The design of flowers, materials, and architectures In the design of bouquets and bouquets, how many endless possibilities of the design of the bouquet and the bouquets can be presented one by one in the course, and in -depth analysis of the course and in -depth analysis Every detail.


*This course is a course with high strength and complicated content, and requires a certain basic of basic courses.

The possibility of the bouquet design

The diversity of the bouquet is endless, of course, the most common is round flower bundles. But the form of the bouquet today is no longer restricted. It can be square, upward, slender, widening, full or transparent, can be plane, can be plane, can be plane It can also be three -dimensional three -dimensional and so on.

This module will learn and realize the main body of the bouquet, including a lot of technical learning, the proportional characteristics in different forms, and the possibility of a bundle design with a structure. Learn multiple attributes and use methods of natural materials and artificial materials.


*The lecturer will demonstrate more than ten different types of flower bouquets in this module.

Break through the form of traditional bouquets

For bouquets, the essential definition is the same, but there can be a more diverse form, because in the production of the bouquet, the reasonable use of the skills is extremely important. Spend more creation and expression. Regardless of circular, waterfall shapes, scarf types, and other forms, skills, texture, color, etc. are core elements.


In this module, Frederic will teach everyone a lot of bouquets to make the techniques. The design ratio of bouquets, constitutory principles, color and texture use, etc., truly study the essence of the design of the bouquet.

*The lecturer will demonstrate more than ten different types of bouquets in this module.