The suitcase has gradually become synonymous with a high -end leisure life. Your choice of it reflects your own style. I do n’t know when, the travel bag has become a necessity for the journey. Whether it is a short trip or a long -distance travel, in the process, the suitcase is like carrier carriers carrying each travel memory. It is not easy to find a suitcase with both taste and functional. You can always find a “travel companion” that suits you mostly from the following 12 suitcase brands.

Rimowa (Rimowa)

Homerwa’s high popularity in China, with its exquisite workmanship and clever design, is nicknamed “LV in the luggage industry” by Chinese consumers. Although there are no obvious signs, the minimalist groove design designed by the brand can clearly identify it at a glance. This ingenious design not only won the hearts of stars of various countries, but also fashion brands such as Off-White, Dior (Dior), Supreme, “find the door” to create a joint series with them. Since the advent of Rima, it has been in the industry for more than 120 years, and the industry is still in the industry.


Picture source: screenshot of Rimerva’s official website


Since its establishment in Cologne, Germany in 1898, Rimerva has been using “the combination of handmade manufacturing and high -tech” as the motto, which effectively promotes the change of high -end luggage design methods. The luggage of this brand is mainly aluminum -magnesium alloy and polycarbonate. In 2018, the brand updated the suitcase update to make its products more flexible and abrasion.


Baboon to the moon

Picture source: baboon to the moon official website

From the name of this bag brand, it can also be seen that its products are always based on their bold and public color matching, giving people a feeling of “youthful vitality”, as if they can foresee that there will be a future in the future, there will be a future. Tour adventure and interesting journey.

The company is mainly based on travel backpacks. Among them, the GO-BAGS series is a waterproof baggage bag designed for adventure. There are 3 sizes to choose from; there are many pockets inside The audience is more extensive. In addition, this brand also offers a small size travel bag, with diverse styles, bright colors, and fashionable art printing patterns printed on it. These elements all show the brand’s insistence on the adventure movement and the advocacy of a fun lifestyle.




Compared with the gorgeous and Baboon to the Moon’s fancy, TUMI’s products are more classic and durable, which is more suitable for “business travel people”. The luggage brand that emerged in the United States in 1975 has always been known for its high -end and multi -function. In particular, the nylon bay of the brand’s nylon material is very wear -resistant. Its life span is much longer than other brands. It meets the military standards and is unmatched by other similar products. This condition has also established TUMI’s leading position in the market.

Picture source: tumi official website


In addition to the leading in materials, TUMI has not ignored design and services. Throughout and detailed product classification is an important reason why business trips or leisure travelers choose the TUMI brand. The TUMI brand knows that consumers need different products to meet their travel requirements. Therefore, every product of the brand has detailed feature introduction, which can help consumers find products that are suitable for them quickly. In addition, the brand also regularly introduces outstanding new products that best reflect the brand’s functions and novel design.


Steamline can be said to be one of the most “retro blood” suitcase brands. The most representative brand is the corners of rectangular luggage boxes, coupled with the two “retro straps”, giving people a feeling that it seems to return to the Middle Ages, plus the custom lining that can be selected at will, so that the entire suitcase is the entire suitcase. Unique charm. Retro is pure, and the sense of girlishness that cannot be ignored has made it a popular Internet celebrity camera accessories.


Picture source: Steamline’s official website


Steamline, a US brand established in 2005, provides nearly a dozen different suitcases, including various styles and classic colors and makeup boxes. Those who choose.



Founded in 2016, Paravel is an emerging travel luggage brand, which mainly provides sales services for boutique bags and accessories. The original intention of Paravel was to be tired of thousands of uniform black suitcases of luggage conveyor belts, and wanted to change the fixed style of this must -have for this trip. The goal of the brand is to build a luggage, durable, affordable, and sustainable environmentally friendly and fashionable luggage. Since its establishment, this sustainable development of luggage brands have upgraded 1.7 million plastic bottles into various sustainable production materials.

Picture source: Paravel’s official website

Paravel’s luggage looks like a travel that is said to be away. The main body of the Stowaway series is made of leather and canvas. The design style is nostalgic and retro, but it is very in line with the contemporary people’s needs for luggage functions. The canvas fabric is strong and anti -pollution. It can be adjusted to make it easier to carry, and the zipper can be locked. The Paravel’s representative “pilot” series luggage is divided into 3 different sizes, and there are 6 colors to choose from. It is made of durable recyclable polycarbonate, plus recyclable zipper, and the inner lining converted from 15 recyclable plastic water bottle. Paravel’s first design offsets all carbon emissions produced by manufacturing and transportation.

Picture Source: Screenshot of the official website

Roam (Roam)

Roam is the first brand in the world to provide luggage customization services. It provides more choices for those who seem to be able to find a suitcase that suits them, so that we can express our personal style by designing suitcases. Through customization, everyone may have a unique luggage in the world.


Picture source: Roam’s official website

The company provides 4 -sized polycarbonate carbonate caroton box shells. Passengers can perform color combinations or add design elements according to the suggestion. The company will design a suitcase in a way consumers want, and then produce with the highest quality materials and fine craftsmanship. This can not only provide passengers with a variety of options, but also attract more female consumers who pay more attention to the appearance of the suitcase.


Batayonia is not only a region in Argentina, but also an outdoor sports brand. The Battania brand is the brand with the largest sales volume of REI sales in the US outdoor retail stores and the largest outdoor retail chain in the United States. It has a special brand in the United States in Japan in the Asian market. Reliable as one of the favorite brands. The product style of this outdoor sports equipment company that focuses on environmental protection is complete. It has its own unique advantages in the production of a hotel bag.

Picture source: patagonia official website

Battaneia is mainly based on production travel backpacks, showing the characteristics of outdoor sports equipment to the fullest. Some travel backpacks use durable waterproof coating outside, which can not only prevent waterproof, but also the soft fabric can better reduce the collision of internal items; Capacity is also convenient for consumers to carry more items. As a brand that advocates environmental protection, each “black hole backpack” series produced by the company is composed of 100%recovered polyester fabrics and nylon webbing re -manufactured by recycling plastic bottles.

Swedish Arctic Fox (FJ 北llräven)

Picture source: fjällräven official website

The Swedish Arctic Fox is a Swedish high -end outdoor brand and a Swedish royal royal brand. Sweden is called one of the happiest countries in the world, and the Swedish Arctic Fox also better reflects the spiritual appearance of this Nordic country. Since the establishment of the brand for more than 50 years, it will always provide powerful, durable, and designing classic outdoor clothing and equipment; inspire and encourage people to love outdoor life; respect the three points of creatures and nature as the core of the brand operation.

However, the brand’s advantages are not just high -end and rich colors, lightweight materials and fine manufacturing processes. The design of each suitcase is more targeted, which is convenient for tourists to better cope with various travel environments. Most of the travel backpacks are made of recyclable materials, and the fabric is strong and durable; it is equipped with a soft shoulder strap and handle, which is convenient for tourists to carry in various forms. The backpack also has various clever pocket design, which is extremely practical.



Delsey was founded in France and has a strong French feelings, which is one of the “top ten luggage brands in the world”. It is precisely because the brand created a mobile suitcase that it derived the various tiers we see now. This brand’s luggage lines are designed to be softer, removing slightly stereotypes of “edges and corners”, showing a typical French style. Due to the light and durable texture, Dai Le Shi has also become one of the first choice for business people. Its business products have always taken the classic European route, which is more interested in simple but not losing the atmospheric appearance. The fabric is specially treated with high waterproofness and abrasion resistance.


Picture source: Delsey official website


In addition to design and material, Dai Le Shi also provides customers with more practical and innovative details, especially in the aspects of simple, intelligent and security.


Picture source: away official website screenshot


If Delsey is compared to “traditional French nobles”, then Away is “emerging Internet celebrity”. Away was founded by Zhen and her business partner Steve in 2015 in New York, USA. The “Red Sea” of travel bags is not the end at a glance, but the Away brand has continued to appear on major media layouts in the past few years.


Away’s products broke the “boundary” of the traditional suitcase, and no longer emphasized the performance of the suitcase. Instead, it was integrated into the liquid box and produced a batch of luggage shells made of hard polycarbonate. , Embeddable USB jack, separated laundering bags, compressed bags, and smart luggage boxes composed of 360 -degree push wheels. The price of the brand’s luggage is also positioned at a “just right” price belt. Each is priced at 225 to 295 US dollars according to different sizes. Price, powerful functions, and good workmanship, AWAY’s products are very in line with the needs of young people at the moment.


The American brand Topro Iron Tower was founded in 1989. It is a suitcase series designed by a plane after retiring with his many years of work experience. Topro Iron Tower “stood firmly” among consumers with its good quality, performance and after -sales service. Its products are sold well to major cities such as Europe, America, Oceania, Asia, etc., and are loved by members of the aircraft crew, travel enthusiasts and business guests.

Photo source: ins@travelpro

The products of the Topro Iron Tower are simple and diverse, which can meet the needs of most consumers. Moreover, the product performed well in terms of practicality, with strong durability and functionality, as if tailor -made for travelers. You may see the flight attendants such as stewardess at the airports around the world.

Photo source: ins@travelpro@Flysmile


In 1989, Edward and Judy founded Calpak in Los Angeles. The brand headquarters in California is specially engaged in the production of travel luggage. It can be said to be an ideal choice for emerging travelers in the 21st century. Each of each of its suitcases is portable design, showing the current popular design style. From pink hard shell roller bags to marble pattern boarding chassis. This piece of playful items show the extraordinary Calpak’s extraordinary items. style. The brand’s iconic product is its hard -faced marble pattern luggage. Calpak combines many interesting colors and patterns, and finally gives us a “big surprise”.

Picture source: screenshot of the official website of Calpak

In addition to the “high value”, the performance of the Calpak suitcase is also very sophisticated. The product is made of light weight, but it is very solid and has high abrasion resistance. It is one of the must -have brands for frequent travelers.

Picture source: Steamline’s official website

Picture source: screenshot of the official website of Calpak