Today, I will share with you a child to get out of bed. The baby is almost three years old. It is time to go to the kindergarten to study. It is time to quit his mother. So the first idea is to buy a bed in the middle of the one. How can it be him? What about it? kindness! Just when there are several friends in the community who bought the children’s bed, then we will make an appointment and visit it. The baby seems to be very satisfied when I see a high and low bed. Ah, this is easy to handle. I just need to choose a bed with a suitable room size. Then I choose a color that we are all satisfied. The children’s room is also a study of the study. , Excluding 80 cm in the door, the width of the bed remaining is only 1.2 meters, so the width of the bed I chose can only be less than or equal to 1.2 meters. When you are clear, you start to enter the purchase stage.

First, choose


Why don’t I go to a physical store to watch a circle? In fact, the budget cost is about 2,000 yuan, and the online browsing situation is found that this price selection material is nothing more than pine wood and granular boards. I was too tired to go to the furniture shop. I was tired, and I didn’t necessarily choose to meet the requirements. After the channel was set, I pierced my head into Taobao’s arms.

I choose … choose … choose …, this look is good, width; this one is also good, or widen; in the end it becomes wide … it is wide … widening … saying a 1.2 -meter bed, in fact, most of them are all. In fact, most of them are. The inner diameter, the outer diameter is 1.3+ meters. Fortunately, when I was about to consider the size customization, a shop entered my field of vision, with a width of 1.2 meters (outer diameter). The shop score was also considered a high score in the industry, and there was no bad review. I talked to the customer service below:



: The size is determined in a small room. It is particularly important. Inappropriateness will hinder the functions of other things, and this piece also limits many of my choices, so how important it is to have a big house.



: I gave him 1999 yuan for him, but she did not say no, and the reply made me think she agreed. As a result, I said that I had understood it during the payment stage. After knowing that this price is not cheap on the high and low beds of Matsuki, it is a normal price range, but the size also stuck me in this shop.



: Full pine wood, no particles, many others are in solid wood. In fact, many of them are columns and solid wood, and other boards are granular boards. This should be paid a little attention when choosing. Bad, I just say that the Taobao channel I think I do not have the ability to distinguish the granular board.


: I do n’t want a few large pieces to go home by myself, but most of these logistics of this furniture cooperation can still be delivered to the door.



: There is no blue in his family, so I tune me the blue paint I want.

I started to compare the original wood color and the original ecology, but my wife didn’t like it. It said that the baby likes blue, so I asked the store to brush us blue. The selection of ladder climbing is safe and guaranteed, but the nursery rhymes are limited to the size of the room and did not choose this storage ladder.

This is also my favorite model. It is more creative. The lower floor can change into a desk, but later I think about it. I have to give the mattress on the bed every day and store it.


Pine furniture


1. Natural color, maintains the natural nature of pine wood, and the texture is clear and beautiful. 2. The shape is simple and generous, the lines are full and smooth, and the texture is good. 3. Strong practicality and durability. 4. Strong elasticity and breathability, good thermal conductivity, and simple maintenance of pine furniture selection, design and manufacturing pine wooden coniferous forest species. The growth cycle of pine wood is long, the annual wheel is fine, the texture of the wood is flexible, the oil content of the trees is low, and the yin and yang color of the yin and yang is evenly distributed. In addition to these advantages of the material itself, the furniture production plant controls the material dryness very strictly and requires that the moisture content is not more than 10%. All the materials before putting on the production are stored in the constant humidity warehouse. In order to avoid the return of water in the manufacturing, the production cycle should be as short as possible. Generally, it will not exceed three days from the production to the finished product, and some can produce finished products even a day. And at every stage of production, there are strict drying treatment. Although some imported pine furniture uses pure solid wood, it will not crack and deform; this is incomparable with similar domestic products. In order to reflect the concept of pine furniture and rustic design, the surface coating of the product is sinking with the two methods: glory nitro paint treatment or plant oil soaking, and beeswax coating. This coating method maintains the texture of the wood itself clear and natural, and the lines are smooth. The breath of nature is clear and fresh. While Songmu Furniture highlights the natural, stable, and rough ore style, it also combines the manufacturing process of modern furniture. Not only is the craftsmanship, but also from raw materials to accessories, all pursue natural tastes. Modern pine furniture is a variety of groups such as pine and fabric pine and metals. In the combination of color, it also maintains the nature of wood and highlights the modern atmosphere of furniture. Both beauty and functions, practical and physical, can better create a relaxed and comfortable in modern home.



1) Pine wood is soft and easy to crack and deformation. High moisture content is also easy to cause cracking. 2) Matsuki furniture pays attention to pure natural color and needs to be well maintained, otherwise it is easy to change color, especially sunshine, and strictly prevent. 3) The general pine furniture products are sprayed with multiple paint, and the surface paint film is thicker. Although some shortcomings are covered, the core value of the pursuit of nature is lost, and the paint is easy to change color.

2. Open the box inspection


After buying furniture, the most important thing is transportation. Some furniture is transported as a whole, while others are loose transportation. Packaging and protection measures determine the quality of furniture.

Delivery upstairs to the designated location. This world Huayu logistics is not bad, and I like this name. The paper shells are wrapped in the plate with a foam inside. The right bag is equipped with two brown pads, and the packaging is very solid.

Remove the board in the packaging, the blue paint surface is the color I want. The right bedboard is log -colored, there is no paint, it is relatively dense, but the nails that are ordered are not particularly regular. out.

Check the materials from the drilling of the plate, the solid wood is right.

The curved edge of the bedside bed is brown in color, and solid wood can be seen in the inner groove.

Another plate drilling is witnessed the solid wood material, and there are many places that the defects of solid wood and the protection of the plates are not in place (when preparing the materials). The “soft” of pine wood is evident.


Installing screws and white blockers, I just started to get a lot of good miscellaneous. Later, it was clear, and it was not complicated. Most of them are connections and fasteners between the hammer screw and straight threaded rods.


Third, assembly

The difficulty of furniture assembly is closely related to the architecture and function of the furniture. Some board beds are very simple. Some beds also have high boxes and storage, which is relatively rare, but a installation tool will make the installation process half the effort.

Four columns are placed on the ground first, and imagine how this bed looks (no picture, bad review), or refer to the seller’s publicity page.

Eack the bedside bed at the end of the bed, and judge the use of screws and nuts used from the reserved holes. In fact, there are some common sense foundations.


At the end of the bedside bed, it is best to have a helper in the next step, otherwise a person is still very difficult.


The two ends of the two connect the long side, and the overall bed rack below has begun to take shape. Most screws should not be tightened first, put the bedboard up to compare it, because I couldn’t put it on the bedboard before, and the screws were loosened again. There are surplus in open holes, and there are certain activity to adjust.

Put on the bedboard to indicate OK!

Start the assembly of the second floor, and now the child is a light car, and the son can’t wait to help him.


Similar to getting out of bed. This has come to the penultimate board, and it is almost completed. The upper layer pave the end, and I have a hundred foods left for two hours.

The decorative parts of the four corners are unfortunately the blockage is not brown. The white contrast is very strong. Why is there no stairs? It ’s just a few screws. In order to assemble early, I ran the two home furnishing markets in Chengdu and a standard shop. I did n’t buy this screw for half death. Helplessly had to tell the customer service, the customer service SF, the third day was here.


The screw of the climbing ladder was one centimeter short, so I couldn’t use it. I was helpless to look at the eyes of the baby’s expectation.

The ladder did not reserve a hole in the installation of the hammer head screw, but was directly connected with a long screw. The question customer said that many customers do not like it, but I think the safety of the reserved hole is still higher. Directly, only a few 7 cm screws can be used for each corner for safety.

Here is a full picture, quite satisfied. The son was near the age of three barely climbing up, but just to see me a little bit frightened, the climbing ladder was a bit high.

Four, the end


The choice of children’s beds is actually a problem that many parents are facing. The reason for the problem is that it is not easy to choose a bed that satisfies themselves and their children. From the perspective of parents, consider this bed to meet the safety needs: The material is safe, paint is safe, and the design structure is safe; the second is the appearance and practical performance of the bed, which meets the requirements of aesthetics and children for a long time. Finally, it is other needs. I buy a double -layer bed. In fact, I consider the second child. There are also considering demand for rooms, after all, the house is too small.


1. The price must be talked about!

2. The size is divided into internal and external diameters, so if the size of the room is limited, you must ask clearly.

3. Going to bed can add bed in the limited space to solve the problem of visiting guests.

4, pine wood is very soft, one pits, so it is necessary to prevent it.

5. If the particle board is very abandoned, pay attention to some beds when you buy it, but it is just a drama of a solid wooden bed.

6. Children’s beds are indeed a good bedroom gift. Combined with the educational education of Xiao Zhi, you can definitely divide the bed smoothly.

7. Pay attention to safety.