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Recently, the weather has become cooler. What kind of skirts do girls wear? I found that the checkered half -body skirt was pretty good, and there were many people wearing on the street. Speaking of plaid skirts, do you immediately think of that kind of checkered pleated skirt? Of course, the skirt is also good -looking, but what we want to say today is a long plaid skirt, which is suitable for a suitable age range.

There are many styles of checkered skirts. In addition to the short pleated plaid skirt like women’s group clothes, the skirt with a checkered skirt with the knee is more elegant and more elegant. At the same time, there are some retro literary temperament, which is very suitable for autumn. I observed and analyzed, and found that this year, I want to wear a checkered skirt that I want to wear. There are a few elements to pay attention, such as the skirt, the width of the skirt, and whether there is a split. Choose the right pattern skirt, then you will wear fashion and style. Here we take a look.

You need to choose a sloppy skirt with a checkered skirt, which is breathable and stylish


The checkered half -body skirt wants to wear it. The skirt length is critical. Autumn’s plaid skirt fabrics are relatively thick. If it is too long, it will look dull and rustic. The skirt just over the knee, exposed the thin calf, breathable and stylish. Just wear it like the picture above. A short white sweater with a black -and -white small checkered slim skirt with a pair of black boots on his feet is elegant and stylish.


This green and black large -scale skirt is very beautiful. The skirt of this skirt is a bit of the knee, which is the length of the slim skirt. Even with short boots, a piece of skin can be exposed. The breathability is significant and fashionable. The top with a dark gray sweater or sweater is beautiful. This set is very good to go to work.


Everyone likes to wear short boots in autumn and winter, and the temperature is lower. If some friends want to wear to work, the skirt will have at least the knee before it looks good. Once warm, the other is decent. With boots, it will not look bulky. The girl like this girl is good. A black tight sweater, with a green, white and black plaid slim skirt, and a pair of buds, elegant literary and retro.

The white shirt with a white large checkered skirt is very refreshing and elegant. This white large skirt is slightly longer, but it is just just reaching the calf belly. Coupled with the split, breathability and fashion on the side. With short boots, it can also expose a leg skin, which is relatively high. The longest length of the plaid skirt is the length, that is, wearing short boots can expose the skin. Can’t cover all of the skin.


Yellow is a warm and bright color, which is very suitable for autumn. Like the girl above, wearing a yellow shirt or sweater, with a yellow and brown plaid skirt, this skirt is a knee A skirt, simple and atmospheric. This set is very nice to work.


The skirt of a tattoo skirt should be selected in a skirt, straight skirt or A -line skirt, etc.

The checkered skirt is a more retro and artistic skirt. It is best to use a narrow style of the skirt. This is thin and elegant, and the suitable age range is very wide. Like the skirt worn by the top of the picture above, her checkered skirt is a gray camel splicing fishtail skirt. The length is the length of the mundane skirt. A white shirt inside and wearing a pair of red boots on your feet. Elegant and stylish.

The sweater is often worn in autumn, wearing a hooded sweater, paired with a yellow checkered bag hip slim skirt, a small split on the skirt, easy to walk, wearing double flat shoes on your feet, leisure Comfortable and stylish. This set is very fashionable.

In addition to the hip skirt, the straight skirt is also very beautiful. Like the girl wearing a good blue shirt, she wore a light blue shirt with a black -and -white straight -line straight skirt. A pair of black high shoes. Refreshing and elegant.

The sweater with a checkered skirt is a good combination. It feels elegant, gentle and retro. Wear a blue high -necked twisted sweater like the picture above, with a yellow small checkered straight half -body skirt, and a pair of pink high heels on your feet. You can also wear pair of black short boots, They are all very beautiful.

Choose a split skirt with a checkered skirt, fashionable, elegant and a little sexy

The most taboo is heavy in autumn and winter. The aesthetics dropped by 70%. But if the skirt is too thin and is not suitable for the tone of autumn and winter. The best way is to add a split on the skirt. The skin’s skin is exposed, and the heavy sense of thickness is reduced a lot. It looks lighter. Qin Lan’s plaid skirt is beautiful. She is a black -and -white checkered skirt with a black and white checkered skirt. The skirt is still short and long, very fashionable. She was paired with a black leather suit with a small white vest and a pair of white shoes on her feet. Fashionable and neat. A very beautiful set.


The denim jacket is a common item in autumn, which looks good with the plaid skirt. Like the picture above, wearing a short denim jacket with black inside. With a black checkered straight split skirt. Wear a pair of black canvas shoes on your feet. Leisure fashion and style. And because this split is relatively high, bring a little sexy. Very cool.


The skirt with a narrow skirt is not convenient to walk, and it is much convenient to add a split. And the higher the split, the more stylish. The girl wearing the green checkered straight split skirt above the picture above is pretty good. She is equipped with a light green color long -sleeved T -shirt with pair of canvas shoes on her feet. It’s quite stylish.

In addition to wearing a single piece of plaid skirt, the checkered suit skirt is also very good. The girl wearing the girl in the picture above is very stylish. Her top is a camel small checkered sleeveless double -breasted vest with a wide belt with a wide belt and cool. The matching skirt is a camel -colored small checkered straight skirt with the same color of the top. The split of this skirt is relatively high, and the intellectual is a little sexy, which is very temperament.


Wearing a plaid skirt this fall, I have to choose


Slim skirt


Narrow skirt


Straight skirt or hip skirt


Best, if there are still


It’s more perfect.

Do you like checkered skirts?


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