[Original of Zhongguancun Online Home Appliances Channel] Soap boxes are inseparable from everyone in daily life. Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, we can see it. In the opinion of most people, the role of soap boxes is only one, which is used to install soap. But for designers, it can be called a qualified soap box to achieve one thing. Today we came to watch a very unique multifunctional soap box.


From the perspective of appearance, this soap box subverts the traditional design and adopts the shape that resembles a snail. In the position of the snail shell, it is used to place soap, with ventilation holes at the bottom. The consideration is very thoughtful, avoiding the soap during the use of the soap. The soap box is made of silicone material, which is harmless to the human body.

Various small objects such as rings have places for resettlement

What is more worthy is that the shape of the snail on the soap box is not for decoration, but has a great effect. When you wash your hands, you can place the rings, bracelets, or bracelets on the neck of the snail’s neck, so as to avoid wetting them when washing hands. At present, this new product is mostly available abroad, but the price is unknown.


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Can put a ring! Have you ever seen such a soap box of the sky?