Dahe.com (Reporter Zhao Di) Clean production to achieve zero pollution and achieve “zero emissions” of wastewater … in the production workshop of Henan De Baite Electromechanical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Henan De Baite Company) Technical crafts, they also see their efforts in practicing the concept of green environmental protection. On the afternoon of February 19, the interview group of Henan Province’s “Endexing New Expedition Jian Gong” came to Henan De Baite Company to experience how high -tech enterprises contributed to the green mountains and green mountains with technology innovation.

奋进新征程 建功新时代丨为绿水青山贡献力量!河南德佰特纯水液压支架油缸技术填补国内空白

Henan De Baite Company was established in July 2017. It is a high -tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of high -end hydraulic oil cylinders in coal mine machinery. Many well -known domestic enterprises such as heavy industry.

Machinery high -end hydraulic oil cylinder product display

奋进新征程 建功新时代丨为绿水青山贡献力量!河南德佰特纯水液压支架油缸技术填补国内空白

“Henan De Baite Company is a pure water hydraulic column, which is supported by large domestic groups and fills domestic gaps. Since the previous hydraulic oil cylinder uses emulsion liquid, the leakage of the emulsion liquid will directly pollute the groundwater, and we cannot drink it anymore. And we use it to adopt it It is the hydraulic system of pure water. It solves the problem of sealing and dry friction with the oil cylinder through double -layer alloy copper, and the pure water has no pollution to the environment. Through the full surface anticorrosive treatment technology, the product’s anticorrosive ability and life are increased. “Henan Lu Yuanzheng, general manager of De Baite, said in an interview with reporters.

Henan De Baite Company Production Workshop

Facing the contradiction between the current manufacturing development and environmental protection, Lu expedition talked, “While building the core manufacturing industry, we must also protect the environment and think about the next generation. Once the environment is destroyed, it may be irreversible. In order to develop long -term development, the green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains, and we have achieved a win -win results.

Henan De Baite Company Welding Production Line

It is reported that the production workshop of Henan De Baite has now achieved clean production and zero pollution. The wastewater treatment uses the most advanced anti -osmosis treatment process in China, realizes the reuse of wastewater treatment, realizes the “zero emissions” of wastewater, completely solves the pollution problem caused by hydraulic brackets, and realizes the “resource -saving type, environment -friendly environment -friendly type “Clean civilization production. The “diameter 420 coal mine mechanical column” developed by the company was identified as a green design product by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; products such as “environmentally friendly hydraulic brackets” and “pure water hydraulic brackets” won excellent product awards.

奋进新征程 建功新时代丨为绿水青山贡献力量!河南德佰特纯水液压支架油缸技术填补国内空白

In order to improve the technical strength of the enterprise and maintain the technical advantages and sustainable research and development capabilities, about 6%of the annual sales of Henan De Baite is used for new product research and development, testing, and testing. “Increase: In 2019, the expenditure was 8.1995 million yuan, accounting for 6.2%of the sales revenue; in 2020, the expenditure was 9.5601 million yuan, accounting for 4.51%; the expenditure in 2021 was 15.395 million yuan, accounting for 6%. As the strength of the enterprise has stepped up steps, the research and development projects are successfully carried out, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation has continued to reach new levels.

In the past three years, Henan De Baite has achieved 62 results transformation, forming a complete product system. It has core independent intellectual property rights in high -end hydraulic parts products and manufacturing processes. , Obtaining 51 authorized patents, especially 9 products such as “hydraulic bracket telescopic column” and “hydraulic bracket jack” successfully passed the national inspection center testing, obtained the national mining product safety logo certificate.