Wang Ziwen has always been called “fashion textbooks”, because she is really able to wear it. Although she is not tall, she is very good at transforming her small shortcomings into favorable advantages.

Big red dress with a gray tassel shawl

In appearance, the two collided with a perfect effect, and the whole person looked elegant and dignified.


The highlights of this issue:

① Color matching: gray+red


② Stacking of the shawl


③ The embellishment of tassel elements

1. Color matching: gray+red

Wang Ziwen’s colors selected by Wang Ziwen are relatively rich in colors. The big red dress is selected inside, and the outside is decorated with gray, which forms a very strong visual impact.


Red is the most public color in the fashion industry, which can bring very eye -catching visual effects, but it is easy to give people a sense of visual fatigue after a long time. The gentle gray just neutralizes this. So it can be perfectly integrated with any color.

2. Stacking of the shawl


Simple choice a simple red dress, it seems that it is too monotonous. Wang Ziwen’s beautiful businessman is very high. Of course, he will not go out like this. Her shawl with cotton fabrics looks thick, so keep warm, so keep warm, so keep warm Sex can be guaranteed.

Not only that, it can also create a full sense of layering. In this way, Wang Ziwen’s temperament is softened a lot, exuding a dignified and high -level charm, which is particularly atmospheric.

3. The embellishment of the tassel element

This gray shawl also blends the embellishment of tassels. Don’t underestimate this detail, it plays a pivotal role, because cotton shawls will inevitably give people a thick feeling, and tassels can be perfect. And this, it will bring a light drainage with the human body’s movement, which will not make you look too rigid.

From this shape, we can see that Wang Ziwen’s beautiful businessman is very high. It is obviously a very ordinary gray shawl, which can make her feel fashionable. Let’s take a look at her more shapes. Don’t miss the small eyebrows.

The little people pay attention, follow Wang Ziwen, wear a sense of fashion in minutes:

Style 1: Dress skirt


① Pure white V -neck skirt

Dress is the best partner of women,

You can choose no matter what age

, The younger eyebrows are to find the style that suits you best,

Like pure white is the freshest color in the fashion industry


It can bring a very refreshing temperament, which is very suitable for choosing in the hot summer.

You can combine the tailor of V -neck to show your large and delicate skin

This is an artifact that shows pure desire, and it can also play a role in modifying the face shape.

Women of Xiaoyuan face don’t have to worry too much.

② Light blue bubble sleeve dress


Light blue is a cold tone, which can bring a very cold feeling

, So choosing it in summer is also a good choice. You need to know,

Simplicity is advanced, choosing a solid color is very good

Don’t blend too much color.

This dress selected by Wang Ziwen adopted

The design of bubble sleeves can bring a natural fluffy feeling

It looks particularly cute and playful, and it can also play a certain cover role.

It is very suitable for a slightly thick eyebrow.


③ Big red light gauze chiffon skirt

Big red is the most public color in the fashion industry

It can make you stand out from the crowd in an instant, so you must not miss it.

Its whitening effect is excellent, and it will only give your skin tone more white and delicate.

Lighty Spring Textile Texture

Comes with light and agile temperament

, So age -reducing sense is sufficient, middle -aged women can show a sense of elegance through it,

This fabric can neutralize the visual effect of the big red too strong, which prevents aesthetic fatigue.

④ nude lace skirt+wide belt

Nude color is also a very advanced color,

Because it is closer to the skin tone, it will show a natural sense of noble spirit, and the lace can be full.

Enhance the overall design through exquisite lines

, Make you look gorgeous,

The wide belt can play the role of the waist, and the decoration is also excellent


Style 2: Daily commuting wind

When we go out everyday, we still need to choose to take a commute style.

The appearance rate of shirt is very high

Because it is because of it

Strong and applicable occasions

And the version is loose, suitable for women with more meat on the body.

If you go leisure,

Simple T -shirt is your best choice

You can match one

Short denim A -line skirt

, This can

Show out your straight legs.

Wang Ziwen is really a veritable fashionista, but it is sweet or sweet. No matter what style it is, you can control it perfectly. You must learn these small Tips in front of the screen!

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The red is really full of gas, and the prince wore a red skirt and put on a shawl, which looks very advanced.