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Marriage is undoubtedly one of the most important things in life. At this time, people pay attention to the sense of ritual, and it is because of this that there are endless layers of wedding rituals.

Wedding with exquisite layout and intentional process, no girls do not like it. In people’s opinion, it is also a manifestation of the man’s attention.


1314 lollipop decorative wedding carts, the bridegroom’s creative citations praise


Two days ago, a ordinary wedding car, because of the unique layout of the groom’s family, attracted unanimous praise from the entire network. Let’s take a look at what is different!

In the video, it can be seen that it is a common rural wedding. The wedding car used by the groom’s house is not a luxury car, but because of its unique decoration, it makes it more attractive than ordinary luxury cars.

I saw the full white body, full of lollipops, and the body with lollipop, “520” and “1314” patterns on the body.

According to the bridegroom’s family, this is the idea of ​​the groom. In a special way, he wants to pick up the bride and give her a surprise.

They bought a total of 1314 lollipops. The decoration of the cooperation between the family and sisters of the family not only showed the eternal love of the groom’s love for the bride, but also reflects the groom’s family and attaches great importance to the daughter -in -law who is about to pass.

After the decoration is completed, I am afraid of being destroyed, and I will hide the car, and I will officially appear until the day I take the relatives. On the day of picking up, the car appeared in amazing a lot of people, and the bride was very happy when she saw it.

As soon as the car that took the relatives arrived at the village entrance, the lollipop on the body was snatched out. However, at the beginning of this situation, the groom’s house was mentally prepared.

The lollipop on the body originally had the meaning of happy candy. Someone could see it along the way when he took the relatives, and the bride also saw it, and the role of decoration had played.


Now it ’s the same as the crowds who are scattered to the onlookers. They are just like San Xikan. Both sides are happy, and it’ s better.

The video was sent to the Internet, and netizens did not hesitate to praise in the comments and liked the groom’s family:

Netizen 1:

“Facts prove that men do not have the intention to use you, and have nothing to do with the rich and the poor. Even in the countryside, there is no condition to make it so fancy, and you can see solemnly when you are attentive.”

Netizen 2:


“This idea is good! It looks good and delicious. It is worth learning if you do n’t have a waste and waste it!”

Netizen 3:


“1314 lollipop represents the sweetness of a lifetime. The groom’s family can arrange it in this way. It can be seen that the bride attaches great importance to the bride. Congratulations to the bride to marry the right!”

Wedding in the countryside is really not as high -level luxury as the city’s hotel, but as long as the groom’s house is attentive, he can also get a solemn punch.

There were similar rural weddings before, because the groom’s home was on fire. A few days before marriage, a big family of the groom’s family began to prepare for the wedding scene.

In order to appear solemn, they fixed the bamboo poles and arranged balloons and ribbons from the village entrance to the door of the house! As soon as the bride entered the village, he entered the venue of the red carpet.

It is said that so many bamboo poles have been chopped back on the mountain by the groom’s family. Although not so luxurious, this rustic intent seems to be more impressive.


It can be seen in this kind of rural wedding videos that can be seen.


“Poor and perfunctory are two different things. Men can be seen from the wedding.”

What should I pay attention to when choosing a spouse?

The opponent’s face value

Although the value of the face is not the most important in the mate selection standard, the value of the face does affect subsequent development.

If you can’t attract each other at first glance, or even attract the other party’s disgust, then there will be no subsequent development. And even for the consideration of the next generation, it is necessary to have a little requirements for height.


Opponent’s personality

Whether two people can last together are the important point is whether they can get together.

It is the best situation to be able to complement each other. If you can’t close it, you don’t want to change it for each other, and the contradictions after marriage will be more and more.

And a person’s character is also directly related to whether he is happy after marriage, as if you can’t get off when you meet the character, let’s stay away early!

Opponent’s family situation

When the face value and character are fitted, the other party’s family must be considered. Two people are together, not just two people, but also two families.

What is the family conditions of the other party? After the two are together, how much they have to be buried together, and they must be figured out before marriage. If you find that you ca n’t afford it after the evaluation, it is best to consider more and do you want to continue.

Otherwise, no matter how good the relationship is, it may be exhausted by external annoyance after marriage.

Mother’s message

The groom’s family used 1314 lollipop to decorate a wedding car. Although this intention, he was snatched as soon as he entered the village, but he also expected. After all, the lollipop itself also means happy candy.

This kind of intentional wedding car was praised by netizens as soon as it was exposed.


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