The reporter saw in Nanhu Park. During the summer vacation, many parents took their children to the park in summer and put the hammock in the middle of the two trees. Parents and children cool or hit the autumn Qian on the hammock, which looked very pleasant.

People feel comfortable, but the trees have been stunned.Because the human body is relatively heavy, when sleeping on the hammock, the rope tied to the tree tightly holds the bark, and the trees will gradually grow in the direction of the hammock.Hanging climbing on the tree not only affects the life of the trees, but also affects the image of the city.


Reporters found that many tourists did not intentionally destroy trees, but lacked the consciousness and knowledge of tree protection.Park staff reminded that when playing, they must care for flowers and trees. During the summer vacation, parents take their children to go out to play to restrain their words and deeds, and make an example for their children.Civilized tourism, starting from the doll.