In the wedding season of Jin Jiuyin, the layout of the wedding room is very important for newcomers who are preparing to get married. So, how to create a high -value and festive wedding room?

Marriage room




Before layout of the wedding room, you must first determine the overall style, mainly simple and generous. Without a unified style, it is easy to mess up during the layout.

If you don’t like the solemnity of traditional Chinese, you can also choose a small fresh style

main color tone

The traditional wedding room is generally red as the main color. If you feel big red, you can also choose romantic pink, noble purple, creating a festive atmosphere.



Based on the style of the wedding room, the main color, and your actual needs, the wedding house decorations are purchased.

Decorations generally include: hi -stickers, ball balloons, flowers, festive ornaments, pillows, red wine, stickers, etc. Newcomers can be played at will according to their own creativity.

Layout details


In the layout of the wedding room, the main thing is to create a variety of festive atmosphere, which means auspicious and beautiful.


Hundred years of good combination:

Flowers are a symbol of beautiful. Roses represent affection, and lily symbolizes a century -old good. Through the combination of flowers, the wedding room is upgraded romantic.

Early expensive child:

Put red dates, peanuts, longan, and melon seeds on the wedding bed, which means that you are early expensive.

Jiqing has more than:

Although the window flower is inconspicuous, it can settle the atmosphere of joy. But do not use the window flower too much, just embellish.


Candy candle:

Candle is also essential. You can determine the shape of the candle according to the style of the wedding room.

Good things become double:

In the layout of the wedding room, all decorations must be paired in pairs, which means good things.


Creating a romantic wedding room can actually be very simple. The above is the sharing of the editor. I hope to give you some new ideas for the layout of the wedding room.

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Article Source: Small Unit Decoration Case Selection (Jiaxhx)

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Marriage room

Marriage room

Marriage room