When installing the toilet, there is a need to fix the wall, on the ground, there is a comparison of glass glue or white cement, install the glass glue or white cement? These two are more commonly used in installation, so At the renovation, the owner also worry about its choice, how to choose these two?

First, install the toilet with glass glue or white cement?

In the market, it is usually sealing the glass glue, and the glass glue is divided into neutral and acidic, neutral glass glue does not corrode, the adhesive force is relatively strong, and the acidic glass rubber belt has certain corrosiveness, but there is Super adhesion, will indicate in the label, pay attention to distinguish when buying.

White cement is not elastic, the texture after drying is crisp. If you accidentally encounter with a hard object, it is easy to crack, while the glass glue has good elasticity, and the adhesion is also stronger than the white cement, but it is coated. After the glue, the acidity is waiting for 24 hours, and neutral should wait for 48 hours.


When we purchase glass glue, we should take into account the color match with the surrounding environment. It usually uses “porcelain white glue”, of course, the color of the glass is large, and the white cement color is single. The texture is also rough, not very good to match, but if the renovation is industrial wind, the ground is a white cement, it can be considered.

For the convenience of disassembly, the glass glue is more dominant, just applied to the glass glue. If you accidentally get other parts, wipe it directly with a wet cloth, while white cement treatment is relatively troublesome, one accidentally dry after treatment May leave a scratch. Glass adhesive removal only one wallpaper knife, delay the glass glue to take a circle, while white cement is not paying attention to damage to the toilet cleans, and afterwards, cement debris will be treated, and the process is also very cumbersome.

The most important thing is that the bathroom is required for waterproof, and the waterproof of white cement is very poor. It is affected by temperature changes, and the stability is not good, and the glass glue has elasticity, stability, and anti-mildew on the market. Poor effect is not good, you have to pay attention to it.

Second, how to choose these two

1, glass glue

Glass glue is a homotheitated adhesive, consisting of sodium silicate and acetic acid and organic silicone. Sodium silicate is soluble in water, viscous, referred to as water glass in the south, referred to as limbokines in the north. Glass glue is a material that bonds and seals a variety of glass with other substrates. Mainly divided into two major categories: silicone gel and polyurethane glue (PU). Silicone rubber sealing glue – is the glass glue we generally say, and two of them are born and neutral (neutral glues are also divided into: anti-mold sealing gum, fire sealing gum, stone sealing gum, pipe sealing glue, etc.

2, white cement

The white silicate cement is referred to as the raw material of the appropriate ingredient to a partially melted, and the resulting calcium silicate is a main component, a small amount of iron content is added to the amount of gypsum, and white hydraulic gel. Material. When grinding the cement, it is allowed to add limestone without more than 5% of the cement. The white cement is mostly decorative, and the production process will be much better than ordinary cement. Mainly used to hook the gap of the white porcelain, generally not used in the wall, because the strength is not high. Sold in building materials market or decorative materials store.

Install the glass glue or white cement? Glass glue, white cement is your own benefits, how to choose these two? If you don’t know which product choosing, you should take a look according to the actual needs. You can also ask the renovation of the advice to buy a better product.