Hi, Jumei we meet again!


Recently, the temperature is extremely low, has it been prepared for warm things?

Speaking of warm things in winter, how can you not think of a scarf. The scarf is not only a good thing, but also a decoration!

No? Dangdang, the tide of the tide to send the warmth for Jimei. Today is a warm scarf collection, which is a scarf that burst into the beauty of your Amway ~

In front of the Amway scarf, ask Jimei first, how do you usually surround the scarf? Tide Pinjun used the scarf around his neck two times. Later, he found that there are many ways to draw scarves. It is really troublesome. Today Chaopinjun recommended the scarves that are surrounded by the neck and OK. Is it very intimate?

Sheep lamb bib

The wool is soft and waxy, comfortable and warm on the upper neck, and it looks super cute!

With the beret, wool coat, cashmere coat, etc., they are super invincible and beautiful ~

No matter what kind of clothes wearing, with it, it becomes soft and cute in one second! The price is also quite cabbage, no more than 20 soft girl coins ~

Moreover, this wearable is particularly convenient. You can choose it with a fancy scarf!

Magnal fluff long hair scarf scarf

Another beautiful scarf, the material is very skin -friendly, and the neck is super warm. Tide Pinjun loves its color matching, the pink tender and gentle feeling!

The white wool edge design on the scarf is absolutely absolutely absolute, so there are many scarves


A sense of tenderness and warmth!

Suitable for light -colored clothing! With a creamy sweater, the effect is simply absolute!

The price is around 40 soft girl coins, it really looks good, the beauty is rushing!

Bear scarf hat

The super design scarf … can also be said to be a hat!

It is an integrated design of a scarf hat. There are super cute bear ears on the hat, which can be described as a face value!

The material is wool, very warm. The design of the hat and scarf, the face and neck are densely unprepared, it is a warm artifact!

Suitable for a slightly taller Jimei! It is good, that is, it will increase the weight of the head, it will be pressed, and it will not be friendly to the young girls.


The cute, beautiful and design -free scarf, the beauty of the beauty has not hurried to grab it?

British grid imitation sheep scarf

Classic grid pattern shape! Although it is a contrasting color design, the color saturation is low, and it feels very calm.

The material is imitation cashmere, and it is more comfortable to wear on the neck. The scarf is very warm and warm, with both warmth and beauty, very good match!

This is a steady rice gray on the tide, and there are also hidden blue, orange contrasting models and military green and yellow contrast.

Lemon yellow wool scarf


Simple solid color scarf, simple and generous, super good!


Most of the clothes in winter are a bit dull. What if this is dull? You can try to add lemon yellow to wear. The bright yellow like a dazzling beam will instantly break the dull feeling of the overall shape, and instantly improves the liveliness of the overall dressing.

A simple solid color scarf can actually be used as the finishing touch ~


Its price is also quite cabbage, and the price is about 50 soft girl coins.

Cabbage price and versatile are out of date, it is worth starting!