Girls like to wear slim pants, but occasionally wearing a loose Haron pants is also a good choice, which can relax the body and mind because of work. Let’s follow the footsteps of Xiaobian to learn about it! The most popular Harlen pants this year, with T -shirts refreshing and comfortable, wearing good fashion!

Match 1. Black Harlen pants+portrait T -shirt

This solid color Haren pants are suitable for leisure style or during exercise. Black is the most thinner. Everyone understands. The version is a bit loose design. It is really thin, and it can modify the leg shape well. It looks taller. Even if you are short, you can easily control it. The tight waist makes you comfortable and comfortable to wear. The upper body is casually matched with a popular figure printed T -shirt this year. It looks good and makes you relax. It’s right.


With 2, nine -point Haren pants+striped T -shirt

In the summer, I want to have a perfect figure. This nine -point Haron pants can definitely show you a charming figure. It is the best item in the four seasons, which makes you show the tide of the street. The comfortable fabric texture is very good, refreshing and breathable, and the pants have no restraint on the legs. Wearing it is to have no sense of air, Harun pants version, the upper body shows the legs and legs, even if the legs are not good, the girls with poor leg shapes We don’t have to worry about it, but they can also play a role of avoiding strengths and avoidance. With a striped T -shirt, T -shirts are the elements of stripes. This year is really popular. It makes people feel that it is very intellectual and elegant and college style. It is much more fashionable.


Match 3, ice silk pants+printed T -shirt

In the colorful summer, wearing a casual and stylish ice silk air -conditioned Haron pants, bringing you a refreshing and comfortable skin experience, getting rid of the sultry and restraint of summer, and letting the skin breathe freely. Haron’s version, the elegant and noble temperament in fashion, the design of the side stripes, modifying the leg shape, is the gospel of a thick leg girl. With a fashionable printed T -shirt, you can put down the hem, or you can or you can also put it. The hem is stuffed into the trousers, and it has a flavor. It is paired with a pair of flat sports shoes on the feet. It is full of casual laziness. It is really fashionable to wear in summer.


With 4. Striped Haron pants+letters T -shirt

The classic and thin vertical stripes are really good to wear on the body. The design of the loose waist strap is more comfortable and easy to wear and take off. The loose leg design, perfectly covering the elephant legs, showing the legs more legs, more legs. Sleeping, high waist covering the fat on the abdomen, and at the same time improved the waistline, the curve of the legs presented, so that you are taller and tall, with classic fashion letters T -shirts, the upper body gives a fresh and retro literary Feel And very thin, exquisite round neck, highlighting the feminine neck, showing elegant and charming femininity, and at the same time full of youthful and dynamic vitality Feel, who wears it.

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The most popular Harlen pants this year, with a T -shirt refreshing and comfortable, put on good fashion