When choosing winter clothing matching, what are the most important clothing styles? Most people still pay more attention to the jacket. After all, the outer jacket has been worn for a long time, and the proportion is relatively large in the match.


Select the right coat, then the overall match is generally not ugly, if you want to find one


If the style of the jacket is not wrong, then I recommend it to everyone to wear

Black coat


Korean women really like to wear black, simple black jacket, all matched this way


Although black is a simple color, it is common in Korean matching.

Their matching method is very characteristic. Korean women like to wear black jackets too much. Simple styles can also be matched with characteristics and delicate. Therefore




The refreshing match of black down jacket

Different design

Black outside

Set, suitable matching methods are of course different. Like a black down jacket, the warmth effect is very good, and the black will not look too fluffy to so as


Many people like to wear in daily life, a practical style jacket that keeps warm and atmospheric.


Unfortunately, the black down jacket jacket often wear some dull effects because of the more fluffy texture. At this time, I recommend everyone to choose to match the blue clothes to increase

Refreshing feeling

Essence For example, common blue jeans can make your black jacket become


Gentle girl’s black coat


Black coat is better matched, version version


, With a thin effect, it is also very retro. If you want to be young, you can match a small color bag and colorful

Speaking sweaters to enhance your sense of youth

I just want to present a retro and gentle gas field, you can put on the effect of the coat out of the skirt. It is best to match boots or tight bottom socks in the lower body, so that the skirt feels more


Minimalist color wide -leg pants

If you want to stabilize the color and have a good effect, the disadvantage is that the low -key black coat is matched with a fashionable effect. It is not difficult. The simplest method is to start from the color matching.


Because black can be paired with any color, as long as the color matching you choose is delicate enough, you can make your overall temperament delicate enough.

It is very simple to match with colorful wide -leg pants. With blue wide -leg pants, temperament will be compared

Handsome and refreshing

, With blue wide -leg pants, there are species

Retro Literature and Art Fan

, Simple with white wide -leg pants can be enlarged

Elegant charm.

Lazy personality combination

Coat is a very classic clothing style. It is also common to choose a black coat. When you choose a coat



Especially the way to choose to wear, stack the black high -necked bottoming shirt

Fluffy white sweater

, Color will also be very characteristic, and the effect of stacking also adds one

Lazy fan.

Handsome and retro stacking

Many people like it, but it is difficult to master many people, especially if the jacket is stacked to wear a jacket. If you accidentally wear a bloated effect, you must pay attention to thin thickness.

You can choose a fluffy and soft down jacket, or you can choose a clean and neat

Woolen coat

It must be thicker, the inside is relatively thin, and the thinner inner jacket is not easy to show bloated.

Color recommendation selects dark colors,

Dark blue or dark brown, etc.

In this way, the aura is more stable, and it is also colored with the black coat, and the clothing inside is much simpler, especially in matching

Brown coat and black coat

This classic color, as long as it is not strange, is not ugly.

More feminine matching

Simple black, want to create other styles, not too easy, like a feminine style, you can



The feminine colors include red, purple and so on. Red is a color that is more suitable for release of mature charm. It is even more young after pairing with a black coat. I just recommend everyone to choose in winter

Dark red or dark purple

Color, the color is too bright, it will become a bit


Warm and temperamental matching method

Black jacket has a very unique and temperamental way, that is, choosing a black plaid jacket. At first glance, it is black, but it is more textured.

After putting a black turtleneck shirt at this time, there will be no

Monotonous feeling

, Especially suitable for choosing thick jackets, which can create a very unique sense of atmosphere. This match

Black scarf

There is no problem, don’t worry about the color, it will be too monotonous.

Cute and temperament skirt matching

In fact, wearing a black jacket is suitable for white skirts. The color contrast is obvious, and the temperament is also very comparison

When wearing a long jacket, you can match short and medium skirts, which looks more capable and easy to show your legs. Short jackets are more suitable for long skirts to show

Literary and lazy aura.

There are many styles of black jackets, no matter what


It’s a coat or a down jacket

You can try the matching method of the Korean system. They pay more attention to the highlights and fusion of color, and the choice is also very daily. It will not have a strange feeling that it is difficult to wear out.