This kind of rough needle wire is too thick and woven. It is a bit hard. If some sisters want to weave, you can consider changing the line

Because this hat weaving method does not require the process chart, only one finished product is taken below the weaving method for reference.

From 86 stitches 8 lines, lower needle 2 rows on the needle

Leave the 36 stitch 36 stitches and 36 stitches in front of 50 stitches. The brim weaves back and forth. 5 rows to reduce 10 stitches and 26 stitches (the same as the method of weaving socks)


Finally, they all provoke all the 50 stitches in the back plus 4 to 90 stitches to change the thick needle to start the flowers 18 stitches and 1 flower

2 Division 2 Pinks 2 Needle 2 Pinks 2 Pinstar Pinks and 10 Pins.

The second line is the same as the first line

The third line of the third line does not change 2 below 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, then 8 stitches and weaving

The fourth line and the third line

The fifth line is the same as the first line

Ring 6 and Fifth

Line 7 and the third line


Eighth line and seventh line

Line ninth line with the first line

The tenth line and the ninth line and ten behavi

Line 11 exchange position Weaving the second group of flowers and weaving 3 rows of flowers. 11, 12 two stitches, one pinrse, 17,18 two stitches and 1 needle reduction once to 60 stitches, just 2 stitches, 2 stitches, upper and lower lines, and drop the needle 30 needles and 3 needles. 10 stitches at one time.


There are hard lines with hook bags in the hand to make a braid 2 buckle seams and decorate it in the brim. It can also be replaced by a long strip of 1 cm wide with other color hook hooks.