It is about to go on a business trip in a few days. This is the first time to take a plane. I heard that cosmetics need to be packed in a bag. Where can I get this cosmetic bag?

Where to go by a plane cosmetics bag

Prepare or ask the airport staff by yourself.

Because most of the cosmetics belong to the liquid, when taking a plane, the amount of liquid carried with you is specified. Generally, the capacity of a single cosmetics cannot exceed 100 ml, and it needs to be packed in a transparent bag together, and it is always total, and it is always always The capacity cannot exceed 1000 ml.

This transparent bag in cosmetics generally needs to prepare by itself. If not, then you can also ask the staff at the airport. Some airports also provide or have special purchases.

Do I have to be transparent to the cosmetics boarding?

is needed.


According to domestic flights, the boarding cosmetics must be packed in a bag with a capacity of no more than 1000 ml, and it must be transparent and can be re -sealed. Each passenger only allows a transparent plastic bag each time to bring a transparent plastic bag Essence

If it is exceeded, then the excellent part needs to be checked. In addition, during security checks, the transparent plastic bag of the liquid item needs to be performed separately.

Can I check in the luggage in cosmetics?

Can be checked.

If the amount of a single cosmetics exceeds 100 ml, or the total amount exceeds 1,000 ml, then the more part can be placed in the suitcase to go through the consignment procedures. For ordinary airlines, as long as the weight of the checked baggage does not exceed 20kg If it is free, it is free.

However, because luggage may be hit to a certain amount during the consignment process, it is recommended to pack the cosmetics before going through the consignment procedure to avoid leakage during the transportation process.

What are the cosmetics that cannot be taken on the plane

According to the provisions of the “China Civil Aviation Dangerous Transportation Management Regulations”: including flammable, explosive, toxic, radioactive, and corrosive objects are not allowed to carry, so for some self -spray pressure -type spray It cannot be carried, such as moisturizing spray, sunscreen spray, and makeup spray.


In addition, it should be noted that if the volume of the outer packaging exceeds 100 ml, then no matter how much the remaining liquid is inside, this requires check -in procedures.