“Don’t sleep at noon, collapse in the afternoon”, I believe that for most office workers and student parties, they have deeply resonated this sentence. However, the nap of many office workers is not easy. The narrow office makes the lunch break into a luxury, basically lying on the table for half an hour. This sleeping position often causes numbness and cervical pain, which brings great pressure on the shoulder, neck, spine and other parts. Seeing a lot of colleagues nap to rub their necks and presses on their shoulders, Kobayashi, who works in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, recommends a neck pillow to colleagues -bedroom sleep pillow, although the problem of sleeping on the table during the day cannot be sleeping. Solution, but it can bring a good relaxation experience to the cervical spine at night.

Don’t underestimate the power of a pillow. Sleeping at night is an opportunity for self -regulation and cultivation for the human body. The “body burden” accumulated during the day will be easier and even completely disappeared the next day. If you choose the right pillow, you can help the body to release a posture for a long time during the day and the cervical spine pressure brought by the cervical spine after sleeping on the table to “leave holidays” and improve the spirit of the next day.

Kobayashi recommended for colleagues for colleagues is developed and developed by Shenzhen Zhenyuan Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd.. After several months of use, it has obviously improved the sleep problem caused by the sleeping position and the pressure of the cervical spine. Essence


The first is the sleeping position. Kobayashi is a person who is shallow. He often tosses and goes at night. Each time he turns over, he must lower or push up a little pillow. Since the use of bedroom sleep pillows, Kobayashi rarely wakes up when turning over, let alone adjust the position of the pillow at any time, because the entire long charcoal pillow is in 6 areas to deal with ergonomic design. The side lying can fit the head and neck, and the hollow breathable long charcoal hoses+77 pillow noodles and the 3 air troughs on both sides can form an air circulation system. question. After several months of use, not only did Xiaolin not sleep anymore, pillows, etc., but even the problem of sleeping posture have been improved.

In terms of cervical stress, Kobayashi’s experience is also very profound. The design of the sleeping carbon pillow to fit the cervical curve of the human body can effectively promote the release of cervical spine pressure, so that people are really “lying down” during sleep. It also complements the shape of the pillow, forming the touch of the human bone+muscles of the human bone+muscle, and supports the cervical spine to fit for a long time. Easy experience. After a few months of practical experience and his recent mental state performance, the colleagues in the office have been successfully planted by him to care for the neck pillow, and everyone realizes the importance of cervical care. Now the topic of discussing cervical spine protection in the office is getting more and more. frequently.


Every time a cervical problem is mentioned, people always think of the low -headed tribe for the first time. In fact, the ten -year -old students who have been working in the long -term desk are in the 20s and 30 years old office workers who are not upright. The middle -aged and elderly people, etc., are potential victims of cervical spine problems. Instead of waiting for the pressure to become a condition, it is better to prevent maintenance early, correct sleeping positions, choose a neck pillow, and easily sleep well!