In recent years, the thin and warm down down has been popular. The down on the market has been ranging from dozens to thousands of yuan. How can consumers buy it?

In February 2020, “Consumer Report” summarized

Jingdong, Tmall

The evaluation of the 22 down -selling down of the ups and downs was analyzed and scored about 16,000 consumer evaluation data.

Evaluation brand

Fuanna, Netease Yanxuan, 8H, Mercury Home Textiles, Mengjie Home Textiles, Antarctic, Jiuzhou Deer, An sleeping treasure, Yalu, Hongrun, Arctic Velvers, DOWNIA, Interlagos, Rafffield, Lovo, Xiazhen, Kang Erxin, Min Guang , Luolai Home Textiles, Bosideng, Hengyuanxiang

Evaluation indicator

Appearance, fabric, down, warmth, comfortable, comfortable

Word of mouth


High -end price

(More than 1,000 yuan),


It is even recognized by consumers and is worth buying;

Bosideng, Hengyuanxiang

The difference rate is high, ranking at the bottom.




(Less than 1,000 yuan),

Netease Yanxuan, 8H

Consumer evaluation is high, it is worth recommending; and

Antarctic people, Arctic velvet

There are many spit points, and the custody is not recommended.

More than 1,000 yuan: Foreign brands have good evaluation and low cost performance;

The warmth of the down quilt is mainly derived from the duck or goose down in the quilt. Therefore, a down quilt needs a large amount of goose down or duck down. Generally, there are many high -end brands of more than 1,000 yuan, especially some foreign brands The price is even higher.

The results show that of the 13 high -end down quilts, Australia




Get a higher score, but the price is high, up to 2,500 yuan, low cost performance, and the authentic purchase channels are complicated, which may need to be purchased.

The CCR score is 8.8 points, which performs well on “fabric” and “down”;

The CCR score is 8.7 points, which performs well on “appearance” and “fabric”.

The poor performance is



90 white duck down performed poorly on the “appearance” and “down”, and some consumers mentioned that “leak down”, “uniform down”, “duck down flavor”, “some taste” and so on. and


The 90 duck down down is scored at the bottom, which is difficult to satisfy the “appearance”, “fabric” and “comfort”. Some consumers evaluate “fabric wrinkles”, “no grade”, “hard and thick”.

▲ Bosideng 90 white duck down quilt


It is worth mentioning that the well -known Fu Anna is also unsatisfactory in this word -of -mouth evaluation. Although the overall score is not low, it ranks fourth in the price of less than 1,000 yuan, ranking fifth in the price of more than 1,000 yuan, but 2 Fianna The product has the lowest score on the raw materials “down”. Some consumers reflect that “there is a smell”, “duck down odor”, “a bit of the taste”, and “duck hair”, etc., which may not be in place in the washing of raw materials.


▲ Fanna Victoria down winter thick

Below 1,000 yuan: Netease strict selection, Xiaomi ecological chain 8H recognized by consumers; poor quality of Antarctic people

The results showed that 9 of the priced down quilts of 9 models below 1,000 yuan,

Netease strict selection and Xiaomi ecological chain of 8H performed well. The CCR index was 8.9 points and 8.8 points, respectively.

From the perspective of various indicators, in terms of appearance, the appearance, color, and patterns are welcomed by consumers. Netease is strictly selected, and consumers say that “not good -looking” and “ugliest” is the Arctic velvet; in terms of fabrics, the fabrics are more comfortable and workmanship. The good thing is Xiaomi’s 8H, the fabric is average, and it is easy to get the ball. In terms of down, the velvet is full and soft and fluffy. The thicker is the 8H of Netease and Xiaomi, which is not warm enough, and the thinner is the Antarctic. In terms of comfort, the more comfortable is Xiaomi’s 8H and Jiuzhou Deer.

Netease strict selection


95%of the goose down was balanced by the classic models, especially in the “appearance”, “down” and “keeping warm”. The filling raw materials were claimed to be 95%white goose down, and the fluffyness was as high as 24.7cm. “Elegant color”, “white generosity”, “soft”, “fluffy”, “keep warm” and so on.

▲ Netease strictly selected 95%goose down was classic model


Ecological chain enterprise products 8H 95%white goose velvet autumn and winter are highly rated by Y1 on “fabric”, “warm” and “comfort”. “” Cover not to press, “and so on.


▲ 8H 95%white goose velvet autumn and winter was Y1

The bottom of the scoring is


Nyrb11 feathers are core, which have the minimum score on the three indicators of “fabric”, “keep warm” and “comfort”. “Uncomfortable asleep” and so on. The Northern Vellet 6332411 down the downfall is the second, and it is not satisfactory on the “appearance” and “fabric”.

It is worth mentioning that in fact, the Antarctic people do not have the production line itself. At present, most of the Antarctic products on the market are produced by manufacturers to purchase Antarctic brands (authorized) by themselves, which also leads to the quality of the product. According to media data, there were 846 brands of the Antarctic people in 2018, 3,427 authorized dealers, and 4,442 authorized stores.

In the previous comparative evaluation and word -of -mouth evaluation of “Consumer Report”, the latex pillows, down jackets, and electric blankets of the Antarctic people performed average.

▲ Antarctic nyrb11 feathers core

Polyplings are purchased and used tips

China is the world’s largest down and product production, exports and consumer countries, accounting for 70%-80%of the global down trade market share. Now most of the high-end hotels are also equipped with down quilts. Before Europe, Japan, North America and other places, consumers can try to buy down quilts and fiber quilts if they have economic permission.

Depending on the source, the down can be divided into goose down and duck down. According to the color, it can be divided into white duck, white goose down, gray duck down, and gray goose down. The goose velvet is relatively large, the velvet is rich and more fluffy, so it is generally warmer. However, the price of goose down on the market is slightly more expensive, so some merchants use duck down as a goose down to mix the fish eyes.


1. Consumers should choose formal sales channels when purchasing. The prices on the e -commerce platform are tens to two or three hundred yuan, nominal 95 white goose down dwells, which exceeds the cost, and consumers choose carefully.


2. Carefully read the label and explanation of the product before buying. Pay attention to whether the types of down, velvet content, and charging volume are marked on the label.

3. Plel is best shot gently before storage, and placed in a place where it is well ventilated and dry to prevent mildew from being caused by moisture.

4. The down is should not be washed too much. If necessary, wash according to the product.

[Special statement]: The original data used in this article comes from the official website of the e -commerce platform, and the data is objective and real. This report mentioned that the brand only represents the product, and does not represent the evaluation status of other models of the same brand.

Bosideng, Hengyuanxiang