Whenever the New Year is approaching, red has become the mainstream of fashion. However, the festive red visual tension is strong and difficult to control. Moreover, for the red dress purchased at the end of the year, wearing the bottom of the box at the bottom of the box, the utilization rate is not high. Don’t worry, this item shared by Fan Shan today is both a sexy and bright party jersey, but also a dignified and elegant New Year’s beauty.

It is–


Red knitted skirt/shirt!


Red saturation is high, festive, publicity, enthusiastically, and highlights of life.

Fashion blogger Ribeca wrote: Test whether a person is a true goddess, to see if she dares to control the red. Only by believing that she can control it can she wear its aura.

Choosing red as an annual meeting or a New Year’s shirt, the aura was first won. Beauty in the 1950s and 1960s always worn red and fashionable. Fashion is a reincarnation. At present, many fashionable items are inspired by retro blockbusters of that era.

At the time of the highlights of Princess Kate after having a child, Princess Diana appeared in a red dress and was full of happiness.


At this year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Nicole Kidman and Scarlett Johnson wore red dresses in unison, full of aura, true goddess representative.


At today’s headline annual ceremony that had just ended a few days ago, Song Qian and Zhang Ruonan interpreted elegance and agility with red.


So, so many red items, why choose

Intersection First,

Warmness is an important factor

After all, it is winter. We do not need to wear a dress skirt like a star in the wind. Second, the knitted skirt is more red silk dress skirt.

Versatile, low -key


It seems to be a soft mirror, weakening the redness of the redness, it seems

Warm and generous


High utilization rate

After all, investing in a dress for an annual meeting is too luxurious, and the New Year is too OVER

, A knitted skirt can hold the annual meeting and the New Year of the New Year



The knitting series is generally casual. Fan Shan will share his experience from the selection of red knitted skirts, the matching of red sweater, and accessories.


The first choice of dark red/wine red knitted dress

There are many types of red, bright and high -end red, elegant dark red, low -key retro wine red,

Among them, the dark red and wine red are even more called Asian skin tone. The girl with white skin is suitable for positive red.


Born C -position queen.

The right red knitted skirt is suitable for choosing highlights or design unique styles.

Lily Brown’s red rabbit hair dress is decorated with plush cuffs. The short design adds a little playful, prosperous and beautiful;


The ninth Yun’s improved red wool cheongsam skirt, silhouette and seven -point sleeve design, retro fashion, agile and elegant;

Icy’s loose tall neck knitted skirt, a belt highlights the women’s waist curve, the annual outfits and leisure clothes are often high in details.

Compared to the strong festive atmosphere brought by the right red,

The dark red/wine red shows more French elegance and retro atmosphere.


Girls with good figures can choose to bloom feminine charm. They all say that the elegance of French women is effortless and fashionable, and it is inseparable from their healthy figure. This Simple Retro’s French wine red knitted long skirt with a split design on the edge of the hem is sexy, the neckline and cuffs are not so rigid.


One More’s little red skirt is another retro sweet style. The large area of ​​lotus leaf is decorated with age and thin, which is the little princess.

Appropriate dew can weaken the casual sense of knitted fabrics and create sexy and careful machines.


This velvety red skirt of MO & CO uses a dug -cooked sleeve design. The A -line version is thin and showing the gas field. The annual battle service is right;

Lu Jieyun’s one -shoulder horse -haired knitted skirt I saw it at a glance. The H -shaped long skirt was better tolerant to the figure.


I think the girls who tested their stature can choose


The knitted set of the camisole+shawl is suitable for both wear, covering the meat with full marks, and switching sexy and elegance at will.


Miss Meng’s group of suspenders and knitted skirts+small jackets, you can wear C position in the annual meeting, you can put on a jacket when you go home in the New Year, transform into an elegant and obedient girl;

Brother’s sleeveless turtleneck knitted skirt+long shawl is lazy and fashionable, and the versatility of the shawl provides more possibilities for the shape.


Red sweater+skirt to create a effortless fashion

In addition to knitted skirts, one

Ordinary red sweater with feminine half skirt

Also can create a full -opening annual meeting shirt! Qi Wei’s set of off -shoulder sweaters+red gauze skirts fairy -old jade appearance, with big red lips and high heels, are eye -catching.

The yarn skirt is the best partner of knitted sweaters, just just right and low -key balance.


Like Ye Yiqian, wears a knitted sweater with a black gauze skirt.


The silk skirt can also eliminate the bloated feeling of knitted sweaters,


Add a little lighter to the overall look. Milaowen’s set of knit sweater+the set of the same color silk vest skirt to avoid the trouble of matching, wearing more clothes, warm and stylish;

Iwaho’s Golden Silk Taoxin collar sweater comes with “CHOKER”, with ruffled short skirts and elegance;

The stitching design ICY V -neck sweater is full of neutral, with the same series of knitted pleated skirts to release fashionable personality.

Make accessories the finishing touch

Is the chip -knitting series facing or casual clothes, and accessories are the key.

Retro beauty people favor

Bell cap

The hat body is round and elegant, especially suitable for short hair wave heads, and the red dress shows a noble ladies.




Wide -eave dressing cap


It is standard. The jeans below can be replaced with a gentle skirt to become the goddess of the annual meeting!

Gold or exaggerated necklace, handbags are the finishing touch of the overall shape


Essence In recent years, the popular gold coin necklace and knitwear are the best partners. Exquisite and stylish small handbags are necessary for important occasions.

If you are a short -sleeved dress, you can also wear a pair of gorgeous ones

Black dinner glove

Just like the young lady in Downton Manor, charming and generous.


In the matching of the shoes, in addition to the universal battle shoes -high heels, the knee of the fire last year

Knight boots


With the knitting series, the handsome and tough knight boots and gentle knitwear collide with a unique retro sense, which is elegant. (The picture below is the knitted skirt+knight boots in August pregnancy, and the highlights of the stomach look slim on the limbs)

After watching Fan Shan’s sharing, is your annual meeting shirt/New Year’s clothes inspired? I wish you all the “rat” harvest and happiness in the new year!

Red knitted skirt/shirt!