In the distance of the Dragon Boat Festival, the old-fashioned scorpion has begun to be listed, and the atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival is getting stronger. In Beijing Daoxiang Village Dongcheng Food Store, a picture made of rice is particularly eye-catching. Beijing Daily Client reporter learned that this year, Beijing Daoxiang Village will carry out “rice art” theme activity in the Dragon Boat Festival, use glutinous rice, yellow rice, green rice, high sorghum rice, purple rice, etc. The beauty of traditional diet culture allows consumers to enter the store to feel the strong holiday atmosphere.

The Dragon Boat Festival is the protagonist. This year, Beijing Daoxiang Village will take a nostalgic route, and the new purple rice red jujube bamboo is launched. Use chopsticks to remove the scorpion from bamboo tubes, mix the bamboo fragrant flavor of sugar honey, purple rice and red dates, let people seem to return to the streets in memory. From the end of May, more than 10 home stores such as the Dongcheng Food Store and Nancheng Living Store will supply this hot refreshment.

In addition to the traditional taste of the little jujube, Bean Shazi, this year, Beijing Daoxiang Village will still resume the supply of grain mixed grains, Qingbai white rice, eight treasure bamboo 粽 and other sweet 粽, fresh meat, egg yolk 粽 and other salty, and old Beijing characteristics Beijing Yellow rice.糯 黄 里 包 白 白 芸 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 豆 清According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Daoxiang Village, with the gradual back of the market, the production of the scorpion planned production is 15 million this year, an increase of 76% from last year.

So delicious scorpions are also matched with a good look. This year, Beijing Daoxiang Village Gift Box includes traditional food box models that describe the Dragon Boat Festival, and the bamboo basket gift boxes designed to be designed with Dragon Boats, Wills, and deduct the legend of the movie on the river, and spread the Chinese traditional festival culture with unique packaging design.


In addition to eating scorpions, “Strong Domestic Works and Treatment” is also the traditional custom of the Dragon Boat Festival, and the five-poisonous cakes that Beijing Daoxiang Village styles are listed. At the same time, the Dragon Boat Festival will be adjacent, and “Characters” will be re-entered. Gift box packaging with championships and gives a koi greeting card to send blessings for students. During this year, Daoxiang Village will launch the “Wanjia Bao Zizi, a thousand miles” live broadcast activities, and netizens can learn all kinds of bags with Beijing Daoxiang Village Skills.

Source Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Ye Xiaoyan Internship Reporter Yang Tianyue

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