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Many people in winter wanted to sleep in warm velvet, but opened the shopping software, “Coffee” “Coral velvet” “Flange” is squeezed in a commodity description, so these four What is the floor?

Whether it is a flannel, coral velvet, baby velvet, babi or milk velvet, the raw materials are polyester fibers, commonly known as “polyester”, and some other materials such as cashmere are added. Due to the difference in production methods, these velvet have different names, and the quality is slightly different, but more is the marketing strategy. If you are around in “Film Blow”, look at the following distinction below.

First, coral velvet

The coral velvet fluff is more thin, the coverage is good, it will be slightly packed, but it does not start the ball, not empty, but sensitive, the water absorption performance is good. In addition to four sets, it is often used in home service, bathrobes, towels and other home supplies.

Second, flannel


Frantere generally refers to the mixed coarse coarse woven woven fabric with a split-free style, and there is a layer of plump fluff coverage, there is no texture, soft and flat, gram high, fabric thickness and fluff Delicate characteristics.


Flanges and coral velvet will be placed together, in general, flannel is relatively thick, warm in warmness, and higher prices.


Third, Beibei

Beibei is also called pineapple / pineapple, with strong stereo. Compared with the flannel, the babi can be higher, which means that the fabric is thicker. The overall difference is not large, more is the change of fabric grit.


Fourth, cashmere

Appearance, the surface of the cashmere has a fluffy flourish like a snowflake. The cashmere fabric is usually used with more than 85% of acrylonitrile and the second and third monomers, the synthetic fibers made by wet spinning or dry spinning, soft, lightweight is the main feature of the cashmere fabric. .

Five, milk velvet


Milk velvet is made of milk protein fiber and polyacrylonitrile (polyacrylonitrile fiber commonly known as “acrylonitrile”), with strong hydrophilic and good thermal conductivity, that is, cover it to warm and breathable. Compared with several, the prices of milk velvet are high, there are more fakes on the market, and I remember to see the raw materials when I purchase.

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Author: Zhang Yan